Thursday, January 24, 2008


As my readers know, I'm backing Hillary Clinton for President. But I've always maintained that Barack Obama or John Edwards would also be fine candidates, deserving of my vote. That is until lately.
I've been a devoted fan of Arianna Huffington ever since she abandoned the GOP and joined the Democrats back in the late 90's.
When she announced the creation of The Huffington Post (linked at the right) I was a charter reader, and I still make it part of my daily Internet reading.
She's an Obama supporter and has made no bones about distrusting Hillary and hating Bill. No problem, there's room for all in the Democratic party.
However, she and her acolytes at HuffPo seem to go out of their way to whine about Camp Hillary getting too tough with dainty Senator Obama.
Each day, at least two new posts are made wherein someone whines, bitches, carps, moans or otherwise decries Bill Clinton picking on Obama.
It's politics, for God's sake, guttersniping is part of the theatrics.
Today, Obama's shrill wife Michelle was featured bitching about Camp Clinton's treatment of her husband. Some Black Minister did the same.
While I like Barack Obama, I've always been concerned with the cut of his wife's jib. She reminds me of a cross between Condaleezza Rice and professional reality TV bitch "Omarosa." Her vitriol aimed at Bill Clinton today was as alarming as the snarling photo of her that accompanied the piece.

With so many Democratic pundits and Obama pals attacking Camp Clinton on his behalf, I have to wonder what he'd do if he was our candidate and the GOP got their venomous fangs into him.

I'm starting to think he may be too much of a Mama's Boy to handle the stress of hardball politics. He's certainly been hiding behind a lot of skirts and trousers lately when it comes to those big meanie Clintonistas.

Barack Hussein Obama, listen dude. If you think the Hillary set are fucking with you right now, just consider the GOP swiftboaters who thoroughly chewed up Walnuts McCain before they went after John Kerry.

Wise up and consider Camp Hillary good, tough sparring partners if you ever expect to take on the GOP sons of bitches in a 12-round bout.
Your abandoning Muslim daddy and your middle name alone are enough ammo for them to fuck you up but good.

It's time for you to man-up and stop encouraging your supporters to do your fighting for you. If this is too hard on your delicate psyche, stand aside, son.


Dusty said...

I never thought of it that way..thank you KZ!

dguzman said...

My problem with Obama is that he has ZERO specifics. Hillary's call of "Where's the Beef?" was right-on--the guy's full of hope and change and feel-good, but what else has he got? I don't want inspiring speeches; I want a kick-ass president who'll undo the damage that Herr Chimpy has done. I don't see Obama having the stones to do it.

zip said...

He started out with stones, then he gave them away to all his protectors.
We don't need a wimpy president.