Monday, June 02, 2008

Update: The Devil Wears Payless

Anyone who regularly reads Pulp Friction knows about the horrible boss I had on my last job as the editor of a regional magazine.
I have kept in touch with a few of my former co-workers and recently I got an update on the DWiP.
She ended up hiring a new editor in January, a hand-picked acquaintance of hers who was short on experience as a journalist/editor but extremely mousy and malleable--qualities I'm sure the DWiP was seeking after she tried to supervise me.
I'll call this new editor Millicent Moomoo.
It took the DWiP only four short months to drive Millicent off the deep end. She's currently on six weeks psychiatric disability.
Yes, the bitch actually drove the woman crazy.
The committee that oversees the publication already hates the DWiP because of what she did to me, but now they are out for blood because Millicent apparently told them what a bitch the DWiP was being toward her.
Enter Mr. Schmutz, the hapless wimp CEO who threw me under the bus.
Instead of facing the music and admitting that the DWiP has no business supervising anyone, he's decided to take his ball and go home.
He's stepping down in January.
See, the CEO job for him was sort of a hobby anyway. He'd gotten a golden parachute years earlier when he stepped down from his CEO position at a mid-sized widget company in Chicago. He got bored playing golf and took this job about four years ago.
So now that he's facing the wrath of the Board of Directors, he did what he does best- he's chickening out and running for the exit.
And the best part is, he's planning to recommend the Operations Manager to replace him. She happens to loathe the DWiP and the CFO Bitsy von Schtup, the DWiP's accomplice in making people's lives miserable.
As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.
And now if I plan to sneak into the company parking lot and slit the DWiP's tires, Millicent Moomoo will catch the blame!


Anonymous said...

Or you could send her an anonymous "Tour the Ninth Ward" travel voucher.

dguzman said...

Ah, sweet revenge!

The proverbial "what goes around" just came around.

FranIAm said...

You could not make this crap up.

Wow, what a mess.

karenzipdrive said...

I recently heard Condaleezza Rice icily respond to questions about Scott McClellan's book, where she lied, "I won't comment on a book I haven't read."
It was then I realized how her personality is exactly like the DWiP's. They even share the same horoscope sign.

dguzman said...

But not the same shoes, as Condi loves to spend our tax dollars on her $500 pumps.

Distributorcap said...

i love the return of One Life To Live for DWip or Asd The Stomach Turns


you crack me up