Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Bush Toy, Trashed and Abandoned

Just as George W. Bush wangled himself into the White House based on gall, dumb luck and his daddy's money, his "ranch" in Crawford was just what I called it 10 years ago: a flimsy prop designed to make a spoiled Ivy League frat boy look like a real cowboy.
The New York Times sent a reporter to Crawford to see how the town of 750 people is doing now that Dubya is no longer president.
It should shock no one that Bush hardly ever visits the "ranch" anymore.
First of all, it never was a real ranch, it was farmland in a farming community.
Ranches have livestock; Bush never raised anything but a bottle of bourbon and a coke spoon.
Bush is now living in a $3 million mansion in a gated Dallas community.
No more clearing brush or pretending to be a macho rancher for that phony bastard, now he's back to sipping spiked tea with his pinky finger extended as he counts the kickback money he got from Big Bidness in exchange for screwing the nation when he was president.
And maybe you've noticed that he's utterly incurious about politics, world affairs or anything that taxes his wet brain.
See, he found out that presidentin' was hard, hard work, and he'll be damned if he's gonna do one more day of work if he can help it.
Crawford's Main Street has pretty much closed down now that Bush has abandoned the gimmick. Only one crappy little souvenir shop remains open, and their biggest seller is a bumper sticker with a picture of a smug Bush and the caption, "Miss Me Yet?"
Please allow me to answer that question.
No we don't, you idiotic bastard.
What is there to miss, the arrogance? The ignorance? The fiscal retardation? The nation's damaged reputation to the world? The highest deficits in American history? The deregulated banks, petroleum companies and environmental constraints? Illegal wars? Outing CIA agents?

In retrospect, my all time favorite Bush snub was done by Cecelia Sarkozy while she was still married to French President Nicholas Sarkozy. The couple was vacationing in Maine near the Bush family compound, and when Mrs. Sarkozy failed to show up for lunch with the Bushes, Nicholas told them she was feeling ill and had to stay at the resort to recuperate.
She was spotted out shopping that same day.

But I digress.
The fact is, Crawford ended up a lot like America did after Bush got through with it: thoroughly, utterly screwed.


Matty Boy said...

What must be galling for Bush is that Palin is picking up money that he could be getting on the lecture circuit. She's pretty close to the same person as he is, just cuter and with less of an actual legislative record to defend.

We'll see how Crazy Eyes' biography sells. I don't expect it to be the same size hit as Caribou Barbie's magnum opus.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of French snubs, Mitterand said about Reagan: Je n'ai jamais rencontré un tel idiot" (never met such a moron), but Reagan seems a Rhodes Scholar compared to Bush.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Reagan was definitely dumb, but at least he could talk.
Bush is dumb, plus muddle-headed from all the booze and dope he used/likely still uses.
Bush can't even control his facial expressions, he's so jacked up.

nonnie9999 said...

i like that medvedev said that he likes obama, because he's smart, unlike some other people. then he put on a shit-eating grin when asked who the 'other people' might be. of course, he didn't answer, but it was very clear whom he was talking about.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

What's ironic is that the Crawford property is a veritable collection of best environmental practices in construction.

How embarrassing for a Republican. It has been Bush's dirty little secret.

Distributorcap said...

and this is a surprise? and i bet the 750 folks who live in crawford still adore their man

Karen Zipdrive said...

I don't think the population of Crawford is still enamored with the phony son of a bitch.
I think they know he used them, and left nothing of value in his wake.

bigsis said...

The "ranch" was the perfect place for him to booze it up and for Laura to smoke it up with no one around in any direction to rat them out.