Monday, April 05, 2010


I thought about posting this over at KarenZipdrive's Food, but that blog is about good food, not mistake-y food.
Big Sis and I attempted to make Easter dinner on Sunday.
She is the Empress of potato salad, producing a salad of creamy, firm chunks of baby red skinned potatoes in just the right mixture of mayo, celery, hard boiled eggs and other potato salady delights.
Except this time, the spuds cooked too long, the hard boiled eggs were under boiled and it all turned into a sort of mashed potato salad.
I would have teased her, except for the apple spice layer cake with cream cheese & toasted walnut frosting that I attempted to make.
See, I forgot to add the three large eggs, and I added too many apple chunks, and I under-baked it, so I renamed it English apple puddin' because it had no resemblance to any cake I ever saw. Then I re-renamed it, "vagina cake," because it looked bad but tasted good.
Big Sis opined that we have apparently forgotten how to cook because, "we are both too old to care anymore."
In truth, I think it may have had something to do with an herbal product we may or may not have imbibed earlier, but who knows? She might be right.
Still, some good came from the mushy melange.
We now know that when we get really old and toothless, we will still be able to cook tasty, mushy dishes the whole family can gum together.
And yes, we did have yellow Peeps, but they were kinda hard to chew.


nonnie9999 said...

i don't know if i laughed harder at 'cooking with pooh' or at vagina cake. next time you imbibe some herbal product, forget the cooking and just buy a bag of cheetos. they'll taste just as good, and instead of washing lots of pots and pans, you just run the dustbuster over the furniture to suck up the orange dust.

Fran said...

The Cheech & Chong of Culinary Arts

Iain said...

After laughing out loud at "vagina cake", I googled it - your version sounds much more appetising, KZ. Sell it to the supermarkets.

Utah Savage said...

You stole my recipe for vagina cake.

bigsis said...

The first time our mother added raisins to the enchiladas I thought "she's been making enchiladas for 70 years, why the hell would she suddenly add raisins and mess up the whole dish?" Well now I know how that happens. Old age, easily distracted, boredom with the same old recipe, or all of the above.

Distributorcap said...

i went to a party where they served a penis cake and a boobs cake -- they were twins

it was kinda creepy now that i think of it

Karen Zipdrive said...

Eeeuww, D-Cap.
I had a huge birthday party once and a lot of gay boys were invited. Big Sis made this monstrosity with Vienna sausages and Spam balls that looked like a platter filled with penises and testicles. She also added a white dressing she called, "creamy man sauce."
Those boys devoured it.