Friday, April 23, 2010

Is It Possible to Hate Arizona More Than I Already Do?

Arizona: home of speed traps, unbearably hot weather and that old geezer John McCain, who dragged Sarah Palin into our national consciousness.
What could possibly make Arizona an even more loathsome blight on the U.S. map?
Their repugnant Republican Governor Jan Brewer and their racist state legislature are poised to pass a measure that would make it a crime not to carry proof of legal status, and would empower police to ask about a person's immigration status if they have doubts.
Arizona borders Mexico.
There are millions of American-born Hispanics who live, work and pay taxes in Arizona.
But with this racist, ham-handed new insanity, anyone with dark hair who steps out to the curb to pick up their mail had better have his or her ID on them in case the cops drive by and decide to card them.
Going swimming at a public pool? Better waterproof that American birth certificate, Jose. Planning to jog around the block? Better stash that proof of citizenship in your bra, Maria.
Even John McCain, who in the past had a pretty decent record regarding immigration, is pandering to the honky governor and state legislature by saying he's for the measure. Hey, he's up for re-election, he'd screw a snake to stay in office.
As a Texan, I really resent Arizona's attempt to be stupider and more racist than us.
Even Texas Governor Rick Perry isn't as hateful and racist as Gov. Jan Brewer!
I think everyone with a heart and a brain should boycott Arizona.
Not that there was ever any good reason to visit that vast desert of ignorance and brain damaging heat, now Arizona has zoomed to the head of the list of most embarrassing, racist, ignorant dumps in America.
I've traveled to a lot of American states and I thought Mississippi was perhaps the most abysmal one in the union, but Arizona now tops the list.
Arizona? Go fuck yourself.


Fran said...

Welcome to the Arizona Reich.

nonnie9999 said...

i'm sure the arizona cops have nothing better to do than to chase people wearing mexican footwear (according to brian bilbray, rethug of california) to make sure they have i.d. cards. in fact, i think they should hire cops with foot fetishes. they'll be really good at identifying illegal immigrant espadrilles and dangerous alien mules.

Fran said...

I guess that 15 foot cement border fence is not doing the job? Some smart Mexican is selling 16 foot ladders on the other side?

Anyway- It's downright nasty that new legislation.

Obama said he would keep a close eye on the effects of the bill in Arizona.

“I’ve instructed members of my administration to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation,” said Obama.

Concerns have been raised that the bill will open Hispanics up to racial profiling by Arizona police.

Ya think?

Civil rights just disappeared in Arizona.

Too bad, I kinda like the Grand Canyon.

deb said...

Oklahoma was about to pass similar legislation right before I left. In addition to targeting anyone who looked like they might be Mexican, it also included punishment for anyone who helped an illegal immigrant. My Cherokee neighbor was stopped by police one day, and they started asking him if he spoke English.

I witnessed, and heard about, racial profiling by police when I was there (for Central American neighbors and an African American co-worker). The new law reached out further to include anyone who helps anyone who is illegal. So poople who help are at risk of going to jail if they take someone to church or the doctor or the grocery store. They're at risk if they're a neighbor or a landlord or a medical provider. I don't know how that's playing out (or, if it's been modified to be less punitive).

I talked with Mexican friends recently. They said that California is that way, too. Do you know if the OK or CA laws match this new AZ law?

Abu Scooter said...

The new law is far worse than you've heard, Karen. It would've been bad enough to simply empower the police to check people's immigration status on the spot. What this does, though, is require police to check status. If you're an Arizona cop who pulls someone over and you even think that person is illegal, you must ask for their papers.

I have a niece in Arizona who's set to graduate from high school in a little over a year. I sure as hell hope this abomination is off Arizona's books by then.

Lulu Maude said...

New law, new low.

Distributorcap said...

guess what - a passport is NOT GOOD enough as proof! you need a birth certificate (which does not have a picture - watch the rise in phony birth certificates)

this is legal lynching.

sad thing is Perry will probably want to do the same thing in Texas

how ironic - they are going to end up pulling over Native Americans and ask them for proof of citizenship! talk about insanity

Karen Zipdrive said...

Shockingly, Rick the Prick Perry is not following suit. Even he's not that damned stupid.

Dusty said...

That fascist cunt can kiss my brown ass...twice.

I loved AZ in the winter when I lived there...that is when the snowbirds showed up and I had intelligent folks to chat up for a few months.

bigsis said...

Deep in their idiot heads, all Texas politicians know that if they do anything to really piss off the Latinos in this state, the Latinos will actually get up and go vote. And if that happens, there won't be one white-ass politician left in Texas.