Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Cat Nick

My cat Nick spends his days under my desk while I work.
When he notices me doing anything besides typing on the keyboard, he stands up and starts batting things off my desk with his huge, moppy paws.
It was getting very annoying today, so I came up with a plan to distract him.
I got a little strip of Scotch tape and I stuck it to his paw.
Ha. It kept him busy long enough to forget he was batting things off my desk.


nonnie9999 said...

just wait. one day, you'll wake up with scotch tape all over your hands and feet. nick will be sitting in the corner, watching and laughing.

Karen Zipdrive said...

No, he doesnt bother me while I am in bed because he's not much of a cuddler and I am. If he could figure out how to use Scotch tape, he'd use it to rig the refrigerator door so he could open it when I wasn't looking.
I caught him eating my blueberries today.

Distributorcap said...

carlos is not like nick - he hates the computer, but loves to watch TV -- he loves the dog whisperer

Karen Zipdrive said...

My kitties like the Olympics, especially downhill skiing. They try to catch the little skiiers like they are bugs on the screen

Jaliya said...

Did you place the tape so that it was sticky on both sides? Oh, please make a video of this! :-D

I'm so simpleminded these days. Imagining a cat with Scotch tape stuck to his paw has me falling over with giggles, but not all the way because I have a cat in my lap who will be most perturbed if I eject her.

I must try this wee trick the next time one of my babies pisses me off while I'm at the keyboard ;-)

Dusty said...

Yo...in the pouring rain last week an abandoned female I feed starting bringing her five, count em, five kittens to my front door....one at a time.

The ball n' chain followed her to where she had the kittens and got the last one himself. He was so cute running out in the rain and stopping traffic for her to run across our busy street.

That's why I love the ole fucker. ;) The Mama and her babies are now living in our only bathroom.

ps...you need a new kitteh and I got five for you to choose from sister woman. :)