Sunday, April 18, 2010

OMG Not Again!

It happened again last night.
There I was, all snuggled in on my couch ready to watch Wanda Sykes at 10 p.m.
But what was on instead? Baseball. The Mets vs the Cardinals.
Now, I am no baseball fan, but I know there are nine innings, not 20. The announcer said the game had gone on for more than 7 hours. Watching baseball for 7 minutes is bad, but 7 hours? Why!?
This conspiracy Fox TV and horrible sports has against Wanda Sykes and me will not be tolerated!
First NASCAR and now this shit.


okjimm said...

it's a vast right-wing conspiracy...... brought to you by fake-apple pie.

bigsis said...

We stayed awake for Wanda too and then our local station had a choice and decided to air the local news instead of Wanda! We were livid. They show the "news" around here starting at about 8pm and as far as I can tell it goes on all night, they just change meat puppets every few hours. I'm steamed.