Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Laughable GOP

Where to begin...
I didn't watch the convention opener last night except for some brief clicker flicks for comedy relief. Hard to compete with A&E's Family Plots, Growing Up Gotti and Airline- not to mention Chris Rock's Special on HBO.
I hear tell some of the compassionate cornservatives at the cornvention were sporting little Band-Aids with purple hearts printed on them.
My daddy was awarded a purple heart in WWII for taking some Nazi shrapnel in the ankle. The injury didn't make him limp or earn him any disability pay after the war, but the medal, along with a bronze star he won, showed he was there in the middle of the fighting. I'm sure he and millions of other war veterans got a big kick out of the Deferment Party making light of their medals on silly little Band-Aids.
I guess Band-Aids will be the only time we hear the word AIDS mentioned with these delusional phonies. Must be nice to be one of those Shiny, Happy People the group REM sings about.
I watched a bit of mock-Republican Rudy Guilliani's speech.
He mentioned how swell Bush was on 9/14/01 when he finally emerged from seclusion and visited the site of the collapsed WTC. He didn't mention how Bush turned world sympathy into world resentment and hatred toward America within the year.
Neither did he mention the throngs of angry protesters marching on the streets outside.
Shiny, happy people redux.
Polls show Laura Bush is more popular than her husband. Why wouldn't she be? That's like asking if you want plain salad dressing or fetid limburger on your sandwich.
They plan to trot her out tonight and try to make the GOP seem moderate when it is not.
She is moderate.
She said does not think Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling allowing nationwide legalized abortion, should be overturned.
In an interview this week in Time magazine, she said she has an open mind about whether the country needs a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, something her husband supports and which is part of the GOP platform.
Asked if she has ever hosted a gay couple at the White House or in Texas, Laura replied, ''I'm sure we have.''
The Republican platform specifically asks for abortion rights to be banished, and for gays to be denied equal rights. But that's okay, Laura's like a Catholic who uses birth control and makes friends with gay priests and nuns, yet still professes to be devout.
She may belong to the club, she just doesn't believe in what they stand for.
I believe they call that hypocrisy- and that should be the theme of this phony exhibition of militant right-wing neo-cons, pretending to be moderates.
With 1.8 million Americans out of work, 4 million without health insurance and a 5 gazillion trillion dollar budget deficit, spies in the Pentagon and a war on terror Bush said yesterday was unwinnable, it's time for the GOP to celebrate.
They want four more years of this.
They want four more years of this?

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