Monday, November 07, 2005

Bush News Haikus

Karl Rove's a problem
Most people want him fired
Me too- kiln fired.

Brownie's e-mail's? Wow!
Katrina?? What should I do??
Roll up shirt sleeves, dork.

Argentina trip
Bush got to see protesters
"What are those?" He asked.

Cheney likes torture
The Geneva Conventions?
That's Swiss- almost French

The West Wing Debates
Why is it that two actors
Made more sense than Bush?

Is Bush high on drugs?
It seems very obvious
Brain cells all fucked up

Patrick Fitzgerald
Thank you for busting Scooter
Can you get Rove next?

Tom DeLay's mug shot
That smarmy, shit eating grin
Great Polident ad

Dick's big dyke daughter
Got to meet Prince Charles and wife
Grabbed Camilla's arse

Harriet Miers
We miss her so already
Fuckin' Scolito

Tex Gov Rick Perry
Hates gay marriage plan
He's on the down-low

Donald Rumsfeld - ugh
I bet when he was a lad
Girls would kick his ass

Rosa Parks passed on-
Laid in state at Capitol
"Alito? Who he?"

Poor Colin Powell
Gets his aide to tell the truth
Still an Uncle Tom

Valerie Wilson
Please sue those treasonous pricks
Court TV begs you

Condoleezza Rice
Has a face like a mean old
Boston Terrier

Scott McClellan and
Ken Mehlman entered a bar
"Hellllo, Jeff Gannon!"

"Prairie Chapel Ranch?"
"We have a delivery!"
"Jim Beam and cocaine..."

Fox News called BushCo
Rupert Murdoch said to them,
"Send more payola!"

Anderson Cooper:
Our newest secret weapon
A gay liberal!


dusty said...

I TIVO'd West Wing. It was a well written, timely show issue wize.

Condi is down right nasty looking.

Brownie's emails seriously made me cry..he's got the iq of a blade of grass or he IS that self-centered.perhaps both.

I would watch THAT Court TV! said...

I prefer "dumb as a bag of hammers..." but that's just semantics. write wonderful in haiku!

Karen Zipdrive said...

xox Dog

Holly in Cincinnati said...

Nice job!

JimBob said...

Did u write those haikus kz? I stand here impressed as hell!

Great stuff!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yes I did, JB.
Thank you.