Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Judge must step aside in DeLay case
Judge Bob Perkins has contributed to Democratic causes. Details to come on Austin American statesman.com.

Now DeLay gets to select the partisanship of his his judge?
And he gets by with it?
This is no longer America.
This is some sick, fucked up shit.


BigSis said...

Puh-leeze, don't count on any miracles in this case.
If you recall, Ronnie Earle is the same stupid bastard that took a run at, and then dropped the case against, Kaye Bailey Hutchinson about 11 years ago. The result was that Ronnie Earle made Kaye Bailey a martyr to be treasured by the R's for what seems like forever.

All attorneys far and wide have asked the question, "why the hell did Ronnie drop the case against Kaye Bailey?" Earle says its because he didn't think he had enough evidence. But Roy Minton said Earle should have proceeded, even to just put some of her staff on the stand and let them announce to the world that she made them go to her house and do chores etc. He could have at the very least dirtied her up a little. But not Earle, he weenied out as he's been doing for 20+ years.

Think of Ronnie Earle's campaign motto" punishment without love is abuse." What the f??
What kind of prosecutor thinks, much less says, such nonsense?

Ronnie Earle going up against Dick Deguerin (sp?) is like a debate between Bush and Clinton.

We can only hope that this time Earle stays on course, didn't do anything wrong for Dick to bite into, and maybe Delay won't slip away. Or at least he won't become the Republican martyr of this decade.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Next comes the change of venue- I'm thinking Crawford might suit the Bugman...

dusty said...

Its such shit that he can recuse the judge..simply for his politics..

Karen Zipdrive said...

I didn't think it was even legal for a defendant to demand a partisan judge.
Can you imagine a gang-banger on trial for grand theft auto in Beverly Hills having his lawyer demand a liberal judge and a change of venue to East Los??

dusty said...

Hey..if they can afford good counsel its been tried...change of venue is asked for all the time.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If a crime is committed and a perpetrator lives or does business in the country in which he is charged-- and his lawyer wants a change of venue-- it should be because of the risk of adverse publicity influencing the jurors in that county, not to move to a Republican county to fish for sympathetic jurors.
I'm surprised DeLay's attorney Dick DeGuerin hasn't been shot by now. You should check how many guilty scumbags he's gotten off.