Thursday, November 17, 2005

Photographer Dee Kite Adds to the Earl Abel's Mystique

My good friend and professional photographer Devaun Kite has a web site that features lush photography, centering on the weirdness and unique beauty of San Antonio.
I've mentioned it before on my Blog, but revisiting it today made me want to mention it again, especially with the direct tie to Earl Abel's restaurant.
If you'll visit her site, about 16 photos into it you'll see a great shot of the retro Earl Abel's restaurant sign, taken at night.
It's a chance to buy a piece of history before it's too late.
Even without that cool photo, you'll love the dense, rich colors in her photographic palette.
She's got an eye for design and composition, and a steady hand with the camera.
And her prices are affordable, for early holiday shopping.
Check out her site and tell us which photo you liked best.


The Educated Eclectic said...



“Un Chico en el Barrio”

Sunday Drive

(but I liked a lot more - these just were the standouts for me)

Lulu Maude said...

I really enjoyed the trip to her site. Loved the pegasus... so nice divorced from its mundane association. Loved the doors, windows, too... they're a usual photographic pleasure for me. I never tire of them.

Thanks for the link!

Karen Zipdrive said...

In person, her photos are even better. The clarity is eye popping and the colors are right on the verge of being too rich.

dusty said...

OMG they are fantastic. your right the colors are so vivid even on the "net".I love the MOBIL Pegasus and the Freedom. I have been to the hotair balloon festival and her picture brought it all back to me, all the colors and imagery.

Her prices are very reasonable..thanks for the link girlfriend! :)