Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Morning Phone Call

Aide: "Good morning, Senator Harry Reid's Office."
Me: "Good morning, this is Karen Zipdrive calling from San Antonio."
Aide: "How may I help you?"
Me: "I just want to tell Senator Reid that he is my new hero. Its about time a Democrat in the Senate develops some serious balls."
Aide: "Why, thank you very much..."
Me: "If he wants to run for president, I'll collect money and campaign in Texas for him."
Aide: "That's very nice of you, I'll be sure to tell the Senator."
Me: "And tell him the harder he hits these Republican criminals, the better the American public will like it."
Aide: "I will, ma'am."
Me: "And tell him I'm praying for him, but not in a right-wing, religious nutjob way..."
Aide: (laughing) "Okay, I'll let him know."
Me: "Okay. You have a wonderful day."
Aide: "I'm already having one! Thanks, you too."
Me: "Bye." (click)

Call him yourself at (202) 224-3542
Then post the conversation to my comments. C'mon, it'll be fun.


Holly in Cincinnati said...

Thanks Karen!

dusty said...

Damn, its too late to call today..but you know I will call tomorrow..I am an unoffical resident of his state lol..

dusty said...

Great convo btw :) you rock!

dusty said...

OK..I called the esteemed Mr. Reid this morning.

Good morning Mr. Reids office.

Hello I would like to voice my opinion of Mr.Reids move on the Repubes by calling the closed door session.

(heavy sigh)Sure, go ahead.

I appreciate and admire Harry's move. I hope he purchased and did not rent those nads.

Excuse me?(the individual was Male)

Harry will need those nads for the next three years so he can overthrow the Bush regime. I am an Independant but I love what he did, we need more of that.

Thank you, our phones are quite busy this morning so I need to go, but I will pass on your thoughts,

No problem, you have a good day and make sure Harry gets a nap before he takes part in the filibuster to keep Scalito out of the Supreme Court.

(Nervous Laugh)Will do, you have a good day too. Good bye.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Dusty- good job.
I'll bet every call they've received had the words balls, nads or cojones in it.