Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sending the Wrong Message??

In his speech to Veterans yesterday, Bush said partisan critics of the war "send the wrong message to the troops."
No, Bush.
Fake WMD and yellowcake uranium claims sent the wrong message to the troops.
Very few allies in this war sends the wrong message to the troops.
Inadequate troop levels going in and a non-existent exit strategy sent the wrong message to the troops.
Inadequate armor sends the wrong message to the troops.
Flimsy Humvees send the wrong message to the troops.
Forced, multiple tours of duty send the wrong message to the troops.
Abu Ghraib and Gitmo sent the wrong message to the troops.
Your all time low ratings in the polls send the wrong message to the troops.
Major GOP leadership being indicted or under investigation sends the wrong message to the troops.
An administration full of chickenhawks getting filthy rich off this war sends the wrong message to the troops.

Alcoholics always blame everyone else for their problems.
Playing the blame game shows character weakness.
That sends the wrong message to the troops.

8 comments: said...

Chimp is fucking done...and is either too stupid or stubborn to come to terms with it.

Face it, Mr. Bush...and I use the term Mister very conservatively...your approval rating is in the shitter, the idiot single issue voters (anti-gay marriage, stem cell research, abortion, etc...)who put you in office a second time are starting to realize they've been fucked (by you, with no reach around, thank you or phone call the next day), and your admin's going down in a legal plane crash...

Time to piss on the fire and call the a real man and admit when you're wrong...

The Educated Eclectic said...

He will never admit wrong. He is a sociopath, and one with an ego only his entitlement frat boy upbringing could have spawned.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Bush won't ever admit he's wrong because in his grandiose, warped way of thinking, he's wasn't wrong.
He's never wrong.
Circumstances might change around him to make outcomes different from he believes they should be, but that's the changing circumstances' fault, not his.
He's simply never had to be accountable because he was never forced to grow up.

I am reminded once again of a story I read, written by one of Barbara Bush's close friends.
It seems she was a passenger in Barbara's car when they were trying to leave the long driveway of the Bush estate to attend some function.
George W., about 19 at the time, had been pouting and throwing tantrums all day because he did not get his way on something.
So, as Barbara and her friend tried to leave the driveway, Dubya was on his bike in front of them, intentionally zigzagging in front of the car as slowly as he could.
Barbara, being as stubborn and intractable as her son, continued along the driveway at 2 mph, refusing to honk or otherwise force her son to get the fuck out of the way.
Friends say it was a constant test of wills between them.
He was reared to be a spoiled, inconsiderate, self-centered, arrogant, raging little piece of shit.
His subsequent alcohol and substance abuse was likely an offshoot of that same childhood belligerence he was never forced to confront.

Bush is done all right, but the beauty of it is, it'll take him years to realize what a total asshole he was as president, and where and how he fucked up.
He has no insight, no conscience and no impetus to change.

And once he is finally drummed out in disgrace, he'll still blame others for his shortcomings.
That's just the way he's hard-wired.

JimBob said...

Just read an article that said Britain has a time-table to get the hell out of Iraq.

Wouldn't it be nice if WE had one?

As far as Bush and history, since the damage has already been done, all I hope for now is that he goes down in the history books as the total screw-up that he is.

CLD said...

Don't you love how he's now claiming that Dems are attempting to re-write history?!! That's so funny, it almost makes me want to puke. I fucking threw the Sunday paper at the TV yesterday during Meet The Press. Russert did a good job of smacking down closet homo Mehlman and his new Repug talking points. It's hard to claim we're attempting to re-write history when there are so many news clips and sound bites out there supporting *our* claims.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Bush using the terms 'history' and 'rewriting' must have felt funny in his mouth.
I'm sure in college he never studied history and I'd bet my ass he never did much writing, much less rewriting.
As for Mehlman, I cannot stand to watch his talk. His mouth resembles that of a female camel's vagina, in full estrus. said...

camel's vagina? full estrus? i'm gonna hafta log onto for a couple of hours to get THAT image out of my head!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Just be careful not to catch Floppy Lips Mehlman on TV- the image is seared into my brain.