Friday, November 04, 2005

A Veritable Plethora of Enjoyable News

Gosh, it's like Christmas morning for us Democrats.
I awakened to news that Bush is getting smothered in protesters while he's in Argentina. Of course we taxpayers sprung for the cost of a couple of U.S. Navy ships and a handful of helicopters to protect his unpopular ass while he's in Central America.
Where's Che Guevera when we need him?
Meanwhile in Texas, Tom DeLay's lawyer is still trying to cherry pick a judge--showing the world how huge DeLay's ego and sense of entitlement are.
His lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, is a real Texas legend.
He defended Branch Davidian leader David Koresh, the eccentric, cross-dressing millionaire Robert Durst (who killed and dismembered his 71-year-old neighbor and threw the chunks into Galveston Bay) and several other guilty-as-hell rich folks like Kay Bailey Hutchison. He's a Democrat but he'll eat a bug for money.
A recent poll done by ABC and the Washington Post shows Bush's approval rating circling the drain. Without Rove's full attention on damage control, Bush is finally in the glare of media klieg lights. He's fallen and he can't get up.
Did everyone catch yesterday's peek into Brownie's e-mail? Outrageous. People in Katrina's wake are dying and he's worried about what to wear on camera and getting a dog sitter. He's still on the payroll as a "consultant" at $13,000 a month. He must have photos of Chertoff fucking a sheep, that's all I can say.
What are your favorite stories of the week?


larkohio said...

Those are all good, but my personal favorite is Bill Frist complaining that he was slapped in the face. I just loved it!

Karen Zipdrive said...

What's with all these girly men expressions these fey GOP twits use?
Bush says 'fabulous' all the time and Frist is having a hissy fit and saying he felt slapped in the face.
I haven't seen this many closeted fags assembled since San Antonio got its first Nordstrom.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

Perhaps Brownie has photos of GWB.

JimBob said...

I don't care WHAT stories go on in the news as long as I look good on camera!

Should I roll my sleeves up so I look like I'm working hard?

WHAT A CROCK! This guy should be indicted for dereliction of duty or whatever the equivalent is for civilians!

larkohio said...

What amazes me is that this guy is still being paid. How many of us ever got fired, and then they continued to pay us? Please explain.

JimBob said...

It's because we're not repubes. There's a whole 'nuther set of rules for repubes.

Rule #1: Qualifications??? We don't need no stinkin' qualifications!!!

Karen Zipdrive said...

What amazes me is why the media ignores the fact that the American taxpayers are wasting $2,600 a day paying this total failure of a man.
Where is the outrage?

The Educated Eclectic said...

I still think Brownie had a shot or two with Dubya...

Lulu Maude said...

I was delighted to see the departure of Tomlinson from the Center for Public Broadcasting board. Now if we could just get a few other turkeys out of there. I am a big public radio listener, and there's been a real reticence among some of my favorites.

CLD said...

"He's fallen and he can't get up"... that cracked me up. :)

Looks like we're going to see a mass exodus of the rats from the sinking ship.

dusty said...

I like Frists bullshit whinings as well..

like chari i have a fave line from your post KZ:He's a Democrat but he'll eat a bug for money.

CLD said...

Karen: TPM is hiring a blogger-reporter

True Texan said...

Speaking of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, she has some real ethical problems of her own.

Lately, she's been preoccupied with saving the one-of-a-kind American Airlines/DFW Airport monopoly in Dallas/Fort Worth via a crazy law known as the Wright Amendment, which serves only to gouge her constituents.

Next week, her Senate Aviation Subcommittee is holding hearings on the law... which her own constituents overwhelmingly oppose.

She's fighting to keep the monopoly in place. Why? She benefits two ways:
1) Her own husband, Ray Hutchison, is one of DFW Airport/American Airlines' primary attorneys, raking in legal fees estimated in the millions.
2) Ray Hutchison's law firm, Vinson & Elkins, is the largest collective source of her re-election campaign contributions.

If DFW Airport is hurt, it looks like it will her own pocketbook and that of her re-election campaign.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks Chari, but I'd rather be unfettered by not having an online boss.
And LuLu, yeah it was nice to see that GOP hack step down from the CPB. I commented on Julien's Blog that he must have gotten tired of the staff slipping ecstacy into his morning latte every day.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Whoa! True Texan, I think I love you!
K.B. Hutchison is one of Texas's smarmiest politicians. She's more slippery than greased owl shit and richer than most Saudi potentates.
If Bush is the quarterback for the GOP Bandits, she's gotta be the head cheerleader. And I do mean head.
She's another gal I'd like to punch real hard in the neck.

BigSis said...

No doubt you hit all the sweet spots of the week. But there was a tiny mention of one other seemingly benign piece of news that I think is actually huge because it proves that the legal duck bites on the supposed towers of power is really doing some good: Bush was seen by a WH staffer to be doing something he never has done before - watching cable news. That means he's not getting Rove's full attention and has to get pointers from on tv pundits. I say this because Pat Buchanan dishes out daily advise to Bush on MSNBC and I find that what he suggests is being carried out to the letter by Bush. Its funny to track. And its even funnier to know that the goons are so busy covering their own asses, Bush has to actually try to function on his own! This is rich, delicious irony with a thick layer of karma. Life is good.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'm just shocked he was watching MSNBC rather than Fox News.
Taking tips from Pat Buchanan is frightening. He acts more like he's taking tips from Ann Coulter.

dusty said...

This is rich, delicious irony with a thick layer of karma....yep ain't it though :)