Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Judith Miller: You're Fired.

The NY Times finally woke up and smelled the Bush coming from Judy Miller's office.
See ya, Judy, and fuckyouverymuch for the neo-con propaganda.
Best of luck with your new job at the Camden Gazette.


BigSis said...

Miller's departure was bizarre. A letter with trumped up excuses for leaving, awkward hugs and insincere tears... what the hell was that about?

I've decided that Miller, Scooter, and many other Bush stooges are the equivalent of the al queda suicide bombers. They're stupid, needy, easy to influence, and will give up their lives for the promise of a pat on the head. Miller and Scooter et al willingly committed crimes on behalf of Bushco, knowing if/when they were caught their cushy lives would be over. Did they really think they'd remain in the inner circle once they served no purpose?
I have no sympathy for any of them. Their quiting or being fired is like removing a couple of warts off a wild boars ass - meaningless when you think of the monstrous beast that remains.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I was talking tonight with a friend who works as an agent for a certain federal entity.
This person said it was quite surprising that the CIA has yet to "take anyone out."
I assumed that meant something other than "out to dinner."

I just cannot imagine a situation I could find myself in that would make me bold enough to out a CIA agent, much less an entire CIA operation.

These BushCo people should pray that the justice system takes them out. The alternative will surely not be brighter.