Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Can One Day Go By Without Another Major GOP Scandal?

At first it was amusing to see the Republicans fucking up left and right every week. I loved that they were finally getting their comeuppance.
But, damn, it's starting to happen daily, and the glee is being replaced with some genuine fear that all this GOP treason and malfeasance is seriously threatening our security in America.
Now the CIA wants an investigation into which Repugnican Senator leaked the news about the CIA stashing Iraqi insurgents in secret Gulags in the former Soviet Union.
What the fuck?
Why are there secret prisons we didn't know about? What was the reasoning behind that?
But more importantly, why was Dick Cheney casually talking about this latest classified matter during a GOP-only luncheon with a clump of Senators, as if it was perfectly okay to STILL be chitchatting about classified CIA issues, then (according to GOP Senator Trent Lott) leaking it to the media?
Do these people understand what classified or Top Secret even mean?

Now in addition to all that, CNN is reporting a serious rift between Bush and Cheney. It seems it's dawning on that idiot Bush that Cheney "gave him some bad advice about invading Iraq," so he's a little miffed at Dick. Who among us wouldn't have thrown Cheney off the nearest rooftop by now?
This has Rove's hoofprints all over it. Save Bush by sacrificing Cheney. All that phony trust and loyalty was just GOPolitics as usual.
I say fuck both of them.
Fuck all these treasonous Republican sons of bitches.
The entire administration is filled with inept, evil, greedy traitors. This isn't politics, this is a criminal organization not any better than the Mafia.
So horridly have they performed, their deeds have actually eclipsed the revulsion I'd ordinarily feel about the CIA having secret prisons.

This is getting beyond fucking ridiculous.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Sen. Jay Rockefeller is on CNN, talking about the leak.
Which is worse- the leak or the discovery of the black site prisons?
Can America stand another Abu Ghraib scandal?
Rockefeller said, "What we do to them, they will do to us."
He fully supports an FBI investigateion of the leaks.
Get in line, Senator.

larkohio said...

I agree, Karen! They are such hypocrites! Talk about bringing integrity back to the WH. Makes a persons head twirl! Secret prisons where we can do bad things? Shame on us! Cheney wanting these things, and being pro-torture? How does any decent person support torture? These folks are really bad for this country.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The Bush administration has been absolutely horrible for the country.
They have gotten by with flaunting the law so many times, they just no longer seem to give a damn about how things appear.
Now they have come one step closer to showing that even treason is allowable in their eyes if it furthers their selfish agenda.
The CIA usually gets along well with Republican administrations. That there's an apparent ongoing war between them tells us all we need to know.
I may be a liberal but I draw the line at treason. And the Bush administration has crossed that line- twice.

larkohio said...

Yes, from what I have read about this whole thing, Cheney and Company and the CIA are at odds. I think they have been for a long time, because Cheney wanted them to 'find' information for them that supported our march to war. When they did not produce that information to his satisfaction, it was on.

I agree that putting our nation in danger is treasonous.

I consider myself a Moderate/Liberal, and I certainly do not support treason. The whole reason I have the political feelings that I have, is because I love this country so much, and I think we can do better.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Cheney wanted to treat the CIA like they were his personal chefs. "Cook me up some WMD's, cook me up some yellow cake uranium."
And then when they didn't march in lockstep to do his bidding, it was another 'go fuck yourself' episode.
He's that arrogant--and that stupid to think the CIA would be his bitches.