Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Commence the Grave Rolling

As I write this, it's assumed that bigoted, homophobic Republican Scott Brown has trounced Democrat Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts Senate seat Teddy Kennedy held for 47 years.
So much for the 60-seat majority, Democrats.
So much for Obama's high spirited, last minute Hail Mary pass when he flew to Massachusetts to help stump for Coakley.
So much for bluer than blue Massachusetts being a reliable Democratic stronghold.
I'd say so much for the health care reform bill passing, but it's already such a watered down piece of shit, who cares if it passes?
There's a phrase called jury nullification, when the jury has a strong bias for the defendant or against the police or prosecutors.
In the case of this election, looks to me like the Massachusetts voters decided to send a message to Obama and the Democrats.
They are pissed off about a lot of things, and they've obviously forgotten how America got into this mess to begin with.
I don't know much about Martha Coakley, but from what I've read, she just assumed she'd win so she phoned in her campaign efforts.
I wish I could wring my hands and express righteous indignation about these election results, but I'm not even a little surprised.
Since Obama won the election and the Democrats totally neutered the GOP, they've all seemed to stop pedaling and let the furiously pedaling GOP pass them up.
Democratic Senate leaders have been wishy-washy and meekly allowed the GOP to act as if they were in the majority.
Obama's demeanor has been all Jimmy Carter and zero LBJ. He's turned out to be weak.
Democratic Congressmen Alan Grayson and Dennis Kucinich have been the only Democrats who've shown the kind of candor and fire we should demand of our legislators.
The outcome of the Massachusetts Senate race perfectly illustrates why I am burnt out on politics.
I don't hope anymore.
I don't believe anymore.
Masachusetts fucked up when they elected Mitt Romney as their governor.
Now they've done it again with this new clown.


Iain said...

A deserved kicking that should serve as a lesson as to what happens when you get a majority and mandate and piss it up a wall. Dems might see this after tonight, or, more likely, find new depths of wishy-washy and meek.

Lisa G. said...

Lain, I hope you are not right.

KZD, I agree fully with all of your comments. Obama needs to find his balls and he better do it soon or he will be a one term prez.

Lisa G. said...

Oh, I don't think Teddy's rolling - he's so pissed right now, he may resurrect himself and say something like, "Get the fuck out of my way -I'm taking my seat back.

If only....

Fran said...

Furthermore Brown announced he would fully back Wall Street's big fat bonus money.
How could a majority of MA back THAT?

I can't believe just one seat changing in the Senate can potentially ruin the whole health care scenario.

Karen Zipdrive said...

We're fucked.

Shelley T said...

I am deeply, deeply ashamed to be from Massachusetts today. :(

nonnie9999 said...

i can't argue with anything you said, zippy, but i would add anthony weiner, eric massa, sheldon whitehouse, and russ feingold to your list of good dems. throw in bernie sanders, even though he's technically an independent.

Lulu Maude said...

Coakley's people skills are the pits. Dems should have looked hard for someone who had the potential to grow into Teddy's big shoes.

Obviously, they didn't. Here we are.

bigsis said...

I think the message is not just to the Dems but to all politicians to say that we don't want any of them, not D's or R's. I want all of them to quit and give new people a chance. I also have a sinking feeling that Obama's reached the peak of his effectiveness and now he's just another talking head.