Monday, January 11, 2010

The Human Equivalent of a Singing Trout Joins Fox News

Well, well, well.
The folks who love the fried catfish n' biscuits at Cracker Barrel have something to cheer about. Sarah Palin will "go back to her broadcasting roots" and join Fox News as a correspondent.
Her "broadcasting roots" consist of announcing high school hockey scores in Mucktuck, Alaska, to an audience of 40.
Now as a Fox Newsgirl, she can wink and smirk her way into America's living rooms from Shinola, Oklahoma to Jerkoff, New Jersey.
I think it's a perfect venue for her.
In fact, if Palin was a news channel she'd BE Fox News.
All Fox News needs now is a religious show on Sundays hosted by the God Hates Fags Minister Fred Phelps.
The question is, will you be watching?
If not, what would you rather watch?


Anonymous said...

she will probably stay on the job about as long as she was the Gov.

Distributorcap said...

sadly people will watch with the "what will she say next"

she could care less - this piece of trash only cares about money

nonnie9999 said...

i would rather watch my own leg being devoured by a flesh-eating bacteria than watch that bitch and/or faux news.

bigsis said...

I think the current group of crazy old white men (starting with Rush) are going to have to turn on her because she's going to take their audience from them. You can't out-crazy Palin.