Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Very Sweet Story

I saw this on Oprah today and it touched me, unlike most maudlin human interest stories.
It seems a little boy named Aaron lost his beloved twin brother named Eric at age 9, when he died of a brain tumor.
Aaron was inconsolable over the loss of his twin, so rather than just dope him up with antidepressants, his pediatrician asked him what he liked to do and the kid said cooking.
So the doctor gave him $20 to buy cooking supplies and asked for a business plan.
The kid lit up on the way home and his mom took him shopping for cookie supplies.
He named his new company DoughJangles and returned to his doctor the next week with an itemized list of how he spent the $20, and a tray filled with cookies he'd baked.
Aaron then decided to donate a portion of the profits to organizations that had helped his brother as he was dying.
Anyway, Aaron used one of Paula Deen's cookie recipes in his new business. She's his culinary idol and he watches all her shows.
Deen heard about it and appeared on Oprah with Aaron and his mother today to surprise the kid.

Then Paula Deen gave the kid a gift certificate to Lowe's for $10,000 so he could get a new stove, mixers and other gear to grow his cookie business.
She's also flying the kid to Tennessee to tour her studio, watch her live and learn more about her retail businesses.
I hope this kid has a very prosperous and happy life.
I just love sweet, considerate kids who turn tragedies in their lives into triumphs.
Nice story, huh?


nonnie9999 said...

i can't stand oprah or paula deen, but that child is absolutely adorable, and good on oprah and deen for helping him out. i hope he makes lots and lots of money for charity, and i hope he has a wonderful long life.

p.s. we need more doctors like aaron's pediatrician.

Fran said...

Oh my God, I am crying like a baby. That is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it, I never watch Oprah.

Nonnie is right about the doctor too.

dguzman said...

Oh gees, I'm crying too! Nonnie's definitely right about the doctor. And that kid is a true hero.

bigsis said...

I'm sure we'll see this little cherub all grown up some day making kicky outfitts on Project Runway. Good for him.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The kid's pediatrician is a black woman, proving that women rule!
And I think the boy may grow up to own a large cookie company, but there's nothing about him that says fashion designer, Sis.

bigsis said...

Well it sounds like he has creative talents beyond cookie making so I can't see him limiting his creativity and new fame to cookies.

Fran said...

Ok well maybe he can make cookie costumes for halloween as a side business??

If anything this truly a sweet story... and thanks for telling it.