Monday, May 17, 2010

The $12 Million Filthy Pig

Look, look, LOOK at this dirty pig's finger nails!
Is she kidding??
Come on, it's one thing knowing you're photographed wherever you go and having a bad hair day or a smudge on your glasses or something, but having nails this jagged and filthy looking is inexcusable.
Even if they just look that way because the polish is old and chipped, there's still no excuse for not whipping out some cotton balls and a 99 cent bottle of polish remover and cleaning them up herself. Yes, even if you're a passenger in a car you can clean up your filthy nails. Virtually any object can be used to at least clean the shmutz under the nails.
Looking at my own nails right now, I can see some cuticles may need to be pushed back a bit, but otherwise they are clean and neatly trimmed. And I live alone and work at home!
This pig has filched 12 million bucks off the ignorant teabagging American public in just one year--and this is how she repays them?
If her nails look this bad and they are out in plain sight, one has to wonder what else on her body is filthy and unattended?
Ugh. Add one more disgusting thing about Sarah Palin.
Good thing she probably never holds or touches her baby. That poor thing could catch all sorts of diseases from his (grand)mother's filthy hands.


squatlo said...

Wow... never thought anyone could hate this silly bitch more than I do! I'm impressed!

nonnie9999 said...

it's all that clawing to get to her next paycheck.

Distributorcap said...

considering she probably is picking her nose and ass with those nails - what do you exect.

Anonymous said...

lol you are a filty looser

Anonymous said...

may I add: you are a raciste jalous and may be a pig 2 as you remove again my comments
Karen Zipdrive, you must own 12 of cats and smell piss...LOL...
my name is: Christian Vincent

Anonymous said...

for the burn toast: I hope you did not clean your own ass with it before you feed yourself, anyway toast have no brain LOL
Christian Vincent