Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh No, A Night of Bad Dreams

I had lunch at a once-prestigious French-Indochine restaurant today and I kind of knew it would not end up well because the place smelled like fish when we walked in.
I was with my publisher and since we're great friends I was really looking forward to spending some time with him, eating and brainstorming.
We split some spring rolls, which were okay but the dipping sauce was too acidic, then we tucked into some beautiful looking eggs Benedict that looked twice as good as they tasted. Hollandaise has some lemon in it, as I recall. This was just a buttery sort of butter sauce without any acid anywhere near it.
The whole lunch sort of put me off my feed for the rest of the day. I just had some multi grain toast and a little glass of orange juice for dinner.
So there I was, ready to watch Top Chef Masters on TV tonight.
OMG it was exotic surf and turf night, with ingredients like goat leg, monk fish liver, duck tongue, gooey duck, kangaroo, black chicken, sea cucumber and some other disgusting surf and turf slop I'd rather die than eat.
I had to have a generous gulp of Pepto Bismo and two TUMS to keep my stomach from flipping.
New law: Top Chef should not be allowed any more challenges using ingredients that don't moo, oink, gobble, cluck or make standard fishy noises.
If I want to watch chefs serve garbage, I'll watch Nat Geo channel.


nonnie9999 said...

you should have poured some of the dipping sauce on the butter sauce. maybe that would have made it taste more like hollandaise.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The dipping sauce was way too acidic and it would have curdled the butter. Plus the waiter had removed it before he served the Bennies. :/