Sunday, May 16, 2010

BP: Let's Change Their Name

By now it's obvious that British Petroleum will be needing a name change.
Please feel free to add your suggestions.
Here are mine:

Broke Pricks
Boondoggle Princes
Bankrupt Putzes
Big Pussy

C'mon, join in!


Matty Boy said...

Bad People.
Ballsy Polluters.
Boycotted Punks.

WV: wasellesq

Weaselesque? Weasel, Esquire, attornuey at law?

Distributorcap said...

Bubonic Plague

Anonymous said...

Billowing Petroleum

squatlo said...

How about "Benevolent Petroleum"? Just admit up front that their PR campaign's millions will eventually flood the airways with happy ads about their concern... Think the Exxon Valdez did anything to slow up traffic at their pumps? If so, you haven't been to an Exxon station lately. It's their planet, and they'll shit where they damn well please!

Fran said...

Bloody polluters

Bigoil Pimps

Bowing down for Profits

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'm still pissed off at Exxon.
After the Valdez spill I tore up my credit card (thought I do miss that speed pass) and did some research. Now I only buy gas from companies who don't import OPEC oil. For San Antonio, that means Valero and Citgo.
We have no BP stations here that I know of, but if we did I'd boycott them, too.
I don't use that much gas because I work from home. That helps screw them, too. Telecommuting is America's little way of shooting the finger at the petromonsters.

Iain said...

Bloated Parasites
Brazen Pox
Blight Proceeds

From past experience, squatlo will be proved right in quick time.

nonnie9999 said...

simple: Bush Pals

Karen Zipdrive said...

DING DING DING we have a winner!
Bush Pals sums it all up.
Well done, Nonnie.

nonnie9999 said...

i'm so proud! ~sniff~