Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Case You've Been Living Under a Rock...

I almost didn't post this because I'm sure millions have already seen it, but it's got several of my favorite people and things on it, so I couldn't resist.
First, I love kids, especially cute, precocious, talented ones like this kid.
He's polite, poised and still has the ability to be filled with awe and wonder.
As for Lady Gaga and Ellen, well, they're just good people.
I'm so glad Lady Gaga came along after I was already too old to be a contender, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd follow her around the globe and stalk her like a lovesick pup.
She reminds me of an early Elton John-she's so talented and creative, I'm sure she's in it for the long, long haul.


Iain said...

Greyson comes across as a very impressive kid. Where do you go for innate confidence like that? I'd have been hiding under the piano at the school concert, way before the terror of performing for Ellen and her audience.

bigsis said...

Greyson said 2 girls broke his heart and I'll bet they're kicking their own asses now.

As for Lady GG, I agree. She's got the talent of all the great super stars (Madona, Cher, Elton etc) plus the extraordinary wisdom of someone much older. Love her.

Distributorcap said...

never heard of Lady Gaga


Fran said...

I actually have been living under a rock!