Friday, May 14, 2010

Half-term quitter former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told National Rifle Association members that the only thing stopping President Obama and the Democratic Congress from banning guns is a potential political backlash in November.

Will someone please ask Dick Cheney to take this idiotic bitch hunting?
Doesn't even have to be hunting- just target practice somewhere outdoors where Dick is first given his daily quart of Jim Beam and a powerful rifle or two. And please, someone dress Sarah up in a beautiful native American hunting vest made from quail feathers.

How long has Palin been on the national scene now- a couple of years? Would it be asking too much for her to come up with a new topic, or at least a new slant on an old topic?

Obama's popularity is back on the rise, but I'm sure she hasn't heard about that since Fox News is an unlikely source for that kind of tidbit. So what does Palin do to help restore America's confidence in our president and thereby our nation? She whips up the NRA lunatics yet again.

This week she stirred up another group of progressives at the National Sump Pump convention. No, I am not kidding--the sump pumpers paid to hear the Bilge Queen flap her idiot gums.

From the Sump Pumpers to the NRA, this money hungry bitch will appear literally anywhere as long as there's a fat check at the end of the speaking engagement. Teabaggers and other dimwits continue to believe that Palin is a patriot who's genuinely interested in the welfare of our nation.

The idiots on the right still think she might be considering a run for the presidency. Are they really stupid enough to think she'd work a full time job for only $400,000 a year when she's making five times that on the snake oil circuit?

Look. It's not that I am against a vigorous first amendment and honest debate on the issues facing America today. I'm against stupid fucking idiots like Palin leading other stupid fucking idiots down the path of racism, anarchy, xenophobia and vigilantism.

I worry about the teabaggers and radical right, Palin-loving NRA types a lot more than I worry about Islamic terrorists. I mean, all of us get edgy when we see a swarthy guy at the airport drop to his knees toward Mecca and mumble about Allah and his pal Akbar.
But not enough of us worry about the American guy with the baseball cap, the fishing T-shirt and the Glock 9mm holstered to his Wranglers.


jadedj said...

Karen, first I want you to know, I come over here now and again, but don't always comment. It's only because current affairs are depressing me so much that I feel useless, and my words are fucking meaningless. But I always agree with your assessments.

I love this, "But not enough of us worry about the American guy with the baseball cap, the fishing T-shirt and the Glock 9mm holstered to his Wranglers."

Praise the lord, and pass the damned butter. You keep it up sister...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Wow Jaded, that really meant a lot--thanks so much for the encouraging words.
I can totally empathize with your depression over current affairs.
Since 2001, I've been here raging against the right and especially about George W. Bush and his cronies' systematic destruction of our nation.
I hit the wall about six months into Obama's presidency, I guess because it felt safe enough to step away from the daily outrage of politics.
It actually feels good to escape into the absurdity of reality TV and insipid celebrity news.
But every so often, I pay attention to politics again and the outrage is renewed.
It's just more amusing for me to watch the guttersniping housewives of NYC or New Jersey than to consider the Gulf filling with foreign oil sludge, grown men contemplating the sexual orientation of a woman playing softball, while ignoring the glut of Republican politicians, clergy and others who get caught with gay male hookers, mistresses and lots of slimy financial maneuvering with taxpayer money.
Too much focus on politics is like drinking too much tequila. It can poison a person.

squatlo said...

Enjoyed reading this! You have a style after my own heart...

Sherry Peyton said...

You betcha you nailed that one Karen. That woman is an Idiot! as Keith O says. It's my constant refrain for all the right nutwigs.

nonnie9999 said...

how come she never quits halfway thorough her speeches?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Well, Nonnie, that's a hard question.
First of all, anyone willing to sit through one of her speeches might not be intelligent enough to know whether she finished it or not.
And secondly, when her speeches are just continuous loops of a bunch of disjointed jibberjabber, who can tell when she's done?
And more importantly, who cares whether she finishes or not? It's not like the dumb bitch has anything useful to say- unless you consider complaining about Obama and the Democrats and never going near anything substantive like how she'd improve policies...

Anonymous said...

I think she turned down the marijuana reform group in Nevada not on any moral grounds but because they could only pony up 25K for her speaking fee. Opportunistic dumb whore.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'm sure she'd accept a gig speaking to NAMBLA if the money was right.

Distributorcap said...

there is NO ONE i hate and loath more than sarah palin. she is a cancer on humanity and a danger to the existence of the planet. she is a media whore and one shitty parent. she is a greedy bitch and a moron that may be one of the stupidest assholes to ever be born.

other than that she is probably very nice


she opened her pie hole in arizona yesteday. the woman is not an idiot - that is being too kind.

McGriddle Pants said...

I hate sarah palin. But what I hate more is the people who actually like her and agree with her. WHAAAAAAA?

You think she's good for the country? I must delete you from my life. DELETED!!

I saw an "Impeach Obama" bumper sticker yesterday. I half laughed at the absurdity... thinking... FOR WHAT?! That person probably likes sarah palin. I should have ran them off the road.

Karen Zipdrive said...

When I hear someone say they like Sarah Palin, I don't argue with them. I just chuckle right in their faces and shake my head like when I see a dog crapping on someone's lawn. Same difference.