Friday, May 21, 2010

Good God, Lindsay

These young punks of today can't handle their drugs or alcohol.
Now part-time actress and full-time stooge Lindsay Lohan has a bench warrant out for her arrest because she couldn't make it back from Cannes in time for a Los Angeles court appearance. She said she'd lost her passport, though French authorities and the U.S. Embassy said no loss was reported.
When she finally gets her act together well enough to get back home to L.A., she'll have to pony up $100,000 in bail to keep her stupid ass out of jail.
She's only 23, she looks 43 and she acts 13.
Besides, what was she doing at the Cannes Film Festival anyway? She hasn't got any movies out. She isn't even slated to guest star on any TV shows.
Rumor has it, she's on tap to play Linda Lovelace, the starlet who made Deep Throat in the 70's. So she's going to play the role of a porn actress?
I say if she gives it another year or so, she'll be a porn actress.
Someone needs to smack that girl upside the head.
Not literally, of course, but someone needs to talk some sense into her.
Maybe a little time in the pokey will give her some time to think things over.
She really gives alkies and dopers a bad name.


nonnie9999 said...

the question is why the hell she's not in jail already. how many people who aren't as rich and can't afford fancy rehab clinics get as many chances as she does?

Iain said...

On a happier note - best interview in ages:

Karen Zipdrive said...

Iain, I love Lady Gaga and was happy to read more about her.
Loved the part about her buying her Italian daddy a black Rolls and him crying. Very sweet.

Lulu Maude said...

She's only 23, she looks 43 and she acts 13...


Lisa G. said...

Lulu - that statement was exactly spot on. Have you seen her lately - she looks like she was rode hard and put away wet. When was the last time she did anything in her field - like 5 years ago. Worse yet, when her passport was supposedly 'lost' she was seen partying it up in Cannes until the wee hours. You would think someone with half a brain would think 'hey, that's not such a good idea, being that I'm supposed to be in court and all'. Someone does need to smack her and hard.