Sunday, November 07, 2010

Enough is Enough.

I'm not entirely sure why this particular election dragged me to the end of my political rope, but it did.
From the first day I was eligible to vote, my late mother would drag me to the polls for any election, from local school boards to state and national races, voting was an activity Mom and I always shared with a passion.
On election day this year, I happily went to my precinct to get rid of Texas GOP Governor Rick the Prick Perry as well as several other scumbag GOP liars who needed to go.
Alas, someone must have slipped and blabbed to the GOP that they could pull one lever to vote a straight Republican slate, and they did it in droves.
This entire election season was peppered with vile, deceitful TV ads that were more about personalities than policies. Even the Democrats put out some gratuitously vicious ads this cycle.
I knew when the Supreme Court okayed unlimited, anonymous, corporate contributions, the right's effort to turn America into a fascist nation was a fait accompli.
Voting has become an exercise in futility.
Even my big sister, who's been up to her neck in politics throughout her career as an attorney for the state, had to literally be pushed by her persistent partner to the school across the street to vote.
But I see now why she was stricken with a bad case of Why the Fuck Bother.
Without one shot being fired, the right-wing and even worse, the teabaggers, have stolen our nation from us.
The crowning blow for me was one particular local race for judge.
The incumbent was a very competent lesbian who was respected and well liked among her peers.
Her opponent was a smarmy closet case lesbian, whose physician husband's salary allowed her to dabble in practicing law whenever she felt like it.
She managed to befriend a group of A-List lesbians and gay men who enabled her to get in good with the leadership of the local chapter of the Human Rights Campaign.
She donated more than $1,200 to the HRC, while the lesbian incumbent apparently lacked the funds to do the same.
Long story short, the HRC did not endorse the slimy Republican, but nor did they endorse the incumbent, clearly because she failed to pay up. The smarmy bitch won.
That did it for me.
Even the politi-queers put money before principles and the HRC is dead to me now.
I can't wait till they call me for an annual donation so I can blast whoever placed the call.
Fuck politics.
Fuck voting.
Fuck the pundits, the exit polls and the whole shifty process.


Lisa said...

It has the stink of lost cause all over it.

nonnie9999 said...

i know how you feel, zippy. it seems like floriduhhh is turning into texas. you'd think that as the retirees pass away, the younger people left behind would be more progressive. it seems the opposite is true. there were some real wingnuts elected, and the new governor should be in jail, not in tallahassee. however, they'll have to pry my vote from my cold dead hand.

Distributorcap said...

i am gonna become a dog walker... this whole country stinks of poo

Madeline said...

If only I was old enough to vote...

Lulu Maude said...

Nevertheless, we have to keep on keepin' on.

Half to three quarters of life consists of showing up.

Not fun, but God's honest truth.

bigsis said...

Alan Grayson lost and Texas R's want the state to drop out of the entire Medicaid Program. I'm done with all of it.

South Austin Viceroy said...

And meanwhile, Big Chief Good Hair will be on Jon Stewart tonight promoting his new book "Fed Up," which was written by some Teaparty hack group.

The fucking oompaloompa John Bohner is claiming that their will be no compromise in the House of Representatives because the rich need their tax cuts.

I've come to the same conclusion as Zippy: Hillary would have been a much better president.

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

I wanted to vote for Scooter Lee and George Tiny Taylor for ALL OFFICES.

But I bit my tongue and only put up my two felines for all the local offices where Rethugs always run unopposed, in this reddest part of Cali.

I know how you feel dear sweet Karen. But I cannot allow myself to just sit at the computer and bitch...I must vote, its the only real thing that matters one, stinking,proud liberal vote.

But if I could suddenly find the funds to move out of Amerika, believe me, I would do it in a NY minute and never look back...I am that sickened by this nation and a lot of it's inhabitants.

squatlo said...

Gee, I thought I felt bad about the election until I read all of these comments... now I know I'm not nearly depressed enough. Hate to pee on a good pity party, but there are some glorious positives ahead for us progressive types, I promise. For one thing, the party of "no" is going to have to propose and legislate. It's a lot easier to sit in the back of the room and bitch than to actually draw up legislation the people can look at and hold you accountable for... and every slimy thing they try to do will have to pass through a Democratic controlled Senate AND Obama's veto, so nothing other than their extension of the Bush's tax cuts and some wedge points will be passed. In the meantime, the prez will see his poll numbers rise (like Lazarus, it happens whenever the incumbant's party suffers huge losses in midterms) AND two years is a lifetime in politics. These troglodytes who are coming into Congress from the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing right will show themselves to be the idiots we know and America suspects. I was ready to dive off a bridge myself, so I'm not preaching here, just want to say that it's never as bad as it smells this early after the shit hits the fan. America's voters are among the most gullible on earth, but we WILL see gains as the teabaggers and zealots try to live up to their horseshit promises. Won't raise the debt ceiling? Good luck with that in January when the interest on the debt comes due. They'll risk shutting down the government and defaulting on Treasury Bonds if they don't back down on Promise Number One (and I'm looking at you, Rand Paul, and that dead mammal on your head)
Chin up, folks... we can't surrender the field to the same people who want to take us back to the sixteenth century. Get mad, get active, and get organized. We have to fight this madness, not shrug and look away because it's unpleasant.
I suggest a strong beta blocker, a nice glass of wine or a good margarita, and a little time to let heal some of the hopelessness we all share. "Stupid" is going to be on full display very soon, and believe it or not, we'll recover and feel a lot better about life in America when it does.
Just a humble opinion from a cynic who hates to see people more depressed than he is... Hope you'll forgive the speech and let me retire the soap box. Apologies to all...