Monday, November 22, 2010

Skating With the Stars:
The Worst Show in the History of Network TV

ABC has a real flop on its hands with the debut of "Skating with the Stars."
Although I'm providing this photo of the "stars" on the show, I'm not going to identify them, just to prove they're a pack of nobodies that nobody will care about.
The premise is easy- they go out on the ice with pro partners and try not to fall down or lacerate themselves on their skate blades.
The judges are predictable: flagrant homosexual champion skater Jonny Weiss, ancient skating champ Dick Button and some black chick who claims to be a choreographer- not for ice, just regular dancing. She talks way too much and says way too little.
I willed myself to watch the entire show so I could provide my readers with an accurate assessment, but trust me, it won't happen again.
Take it from someone who'll watch almost any crap (including professional ice skating competitions) on TV, this show is a dud, an exceedingly bad rip-off of Dancing with the Stars, and even the host is someone you'd love to punch right in the mouth.
I hated it.
If you saw it (which I doubt) give us your take.


South Austin Viceroy said...

Your friend in South Austin is just happy to see that a picture of a Palin is not front and center on your blog.

I celebrated your new posting tonight by having a cupcake with some maple syrup frosting and a piece of bacon.

Happy Thanksgiving Karen. I leave for West Texas in the morning to see Mom and my sister in Wichita Falls. We're delivering meals to the people who need it most on Thanksgiving day. It's the right thing to do and as mom says "it builds character." Mom is always right.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Your Thanksging plans sound wonderful, and I wish you a safe and happy holiday.
I report on the Palins so you don't have to. It's part of my civic duty.
The celebration cupcake sounds kinda awful because I'm not a huge maple fan.
I think if you hit the cupcake trailer on S. Congress and order a Michael Jackson (chocolate cupcake with white buttercream frosting and a squoosh of heavy cream in the center), you'd find true happiness.
Bacon might go with a maple cupcake, but with a Michael Jackson I'd go with a mild sausage link.

nonnie9999 said...

(psst--jonny weir, not weiss.)

i watched the first part of it. i laughed my ass off when sean young was dancing. she looked like a turkey on skates. then i lost interest and didn't watch the rest.

it occurred to me that they are creating "reality" shows in order to create "celebrities" for other "reality" shows. the situation, melissa whatsherface from the bachelor, and so many others from reality shows on dwts, a "reality"" show. omarosa started on the apprentice and has been on tons of other "reality" shows since. jeff and jordan went from big brother to the amazing race. they go on some stupid reality show, and once that's under their belts, they're suddenly declared celebs, and they're touted as such on other reality shows. there's something wrong with that. someone should make a flowchart.

p.s. i put reality in quotes, because there's very little reality in these shows.

Anonymous said...

The contestants might be nobodies, but please, what the hell is Sean (Not So) Young doing out there? She's 50. Somebody's going to get hurt. I might keep watching on the off chance Vince Neil ends up spitting out a tooth after a bad fail. A good ole' mash up like that would certainly make for some entertainment, but this show is like an open can of soda that's been sitting out for two days. It's flat.

You nailed the judges. I have no idea what the black girl is doing up there and her comments were worthless. It's clear the old guy at least made the effort to rehearse his delivery. The homosexual skater...well, if he ends up dancing every show it might just hold my attention for those few minutes because he is that good. Otherwise, he comes across as hopelessly arrogant and creepy. Still, with the right host, SWTS could survive all that.

If I were to put my finger on the biggest problem for the show it is that it lacks a nice, affable host like Tom Bergeron to inject humor where needed and to keep the show bouncing along between awkward pauses and flat comments. The British guy clearly lacks that ability. And you can add that fault to his others. He is way too tall, way too young, and way too much in front of the camera with those ridiculously bleached teeth. William Shatner could do a better job and be much less annoying. At least SWTS had the good sense not to hire Nancy Kerrigan as color commentator.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Anonymous- what a great comment.
Nancy Kerrigan is a horse-faced bitch. I met her backstage at one of those traveling ice skating extravaganzas and she was almost as obnoxious as Oksana Bayule (sp?).
As for Sean Young- wasn't she the one who went batshit crazy in public because she failed to get the role of Catwoman?
My memory of her is vague but I do recall something she said or did qualified her for a long stay at a psych hospital.
And they introduced her as a major movie star! Whaa?
The host is one of those smarmy guys you look at, then look away and can't recall what he looks like.
As for Jonny Weir (thanks, Nonnie), I think he's pretty cool on the ice but that ultra queenie schtick gets tedious pretty quick unless they keep it fresh.
He's one helluva skater though.
But not enough to hold that piece of shit show together.

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

I was gonna watch but fell asleep..evidently that was a good thing for moi? ;p

Distributorcap said...

this whole thing is making me laugh too hard

Nancy Kerrigan is a royal bitch - remember her comment about Disneyworld?

Fox did a skating show way back when - it was dismal.

Sean YOung is insane, isnt that Bethanny of Real Housewives - she is skating??? and the guy from Motley Crue - times are real bad in heavy metal