Tuesday, December 06, 2005

GOP Pundits Trumpeting a Partial Victory? HA!
Texas Judge Lets Stand 2 of 3 Charges Against DeLay

Pat Priest, a San Antonio judge, dismissed one charge against Tom Delay on Monday but let stand two more serious charges, complicating Mr. DeLay's hopes of regaining his post as House majority leader when Congress resumes in January.
Judge Priest dropped the lesser conspiracy charge, but he left standing charges of money laundering and conspiracy to launder money.

The decision moves DeLay and his co-defendants, GOP fund-raisers John D. Colyandro and James W. Ellis, a big step closer to facing trial - perhaps as soon as January - on felony charges that carry long prison terms and fines.

The best part is, these two remaining serious charges will prevent DeLay from reclaiming his seat as House Majority Leader. Even if he's found not guilty, the trial alone will Simpsonize* his reputation for the rest of his miserable life.

*a Pulp Friction original


CLD said...

"Simpsonize"... good one, Karen. :)

DeLay seems to be attempting to use the dropping of the third charge as proof that all the charges are baseless. What a maroon.

larkohio said...

Delay is a very corrupt politician, and he did a real number on those congressional districts in Texas. Texas and the country would be better off if he never held public office again.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The judge threw him a little bone by dropping the lesser charge.
The two charges remaining are big bones- big enough to choke that dirty Rottweiler DeLay.

BigSis said...

Electing the majority leader happens in January. If Ronnie Earle can just keep the trial from happening until the end of January, Delay is sunk regardless of the outcome of his trial. He'll be just another crooked legislator but with the added baggage of having a magnifying glass on all his business transactions. The polls in his home district in Sugarland are 65% against him anyway, so I think he's definitely on a downward spiral.
Adios MoFo.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Adios MoFo indeed. If those hicks in Sugar Land are wise to that prick, so goes Texas.
Just looking at his wide, greasy face and those overly capped teeth makes me want to puke.
Texas has had some smarmy politicians in our day, but DeLay has to be the worst.
He makes Billie Sol Estes look like Billy Graham.

dusty said...

It makes me wonder how in the blue hell they can claim "victory" when the least damaging charge was dropped. Guess they will grasp at anything when the ship is sinking.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Watch: DeLay's goons will claim victory every time the judge sustains one of their objections.
Basically, dismissing the lesser charge is like the judge telling a defendant, "We are still charging you with DUI and vehicular homicide, but we're gonna drop that charge of not having your seatbelt fastened."