Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Review in Haiku

Bumbling Junior Bush
Just when he couldn't get worse
He got a lot worse

That sneaky Karl Rove
Meets Saint Patrick Fitzgerald
Cue up: Theme from COPS

Paris Hilton WOW
She's been all the rage this year
Like a Chia Pet

Ahmed Chalabi
Takes the reins of Iraq oil
Bush and Dick's puppet

Uh oh- Katrina
Exposed FEMA's lack of prep-
Bush's racism

Scooter Libby leaked
Got indicted for his acts be continued

Tom Delay's a crook
He got indicted too, HA!
God Bless Ronnie Earle

Bill Frist, well, he's next
Crooked as a witch's nose
Watch for indictment!

Bad Jack Abramhoff
Gave dirty funds to Repugs
He'll squeal like a pig

Barbara Bush: racist
Said Katrina victims pleased
Living in big dome

Condoleezza Rice
Face like an angry Pug dog
Mean like a Pit Bull

Fucking Dick Cheney
Halliburton scam artist
Heart attack soon, please

Runaway Bride, please
Get on some medication
For those insane eyes

Teri Shiavo
Bill Frist said you were okay?
A thriving veggie.

Michael Jackson's free!
Free to molest more lil' boys
Hide your kids, parents

Poor Judith Miller
Embedded with Bush cabal
Woke up with big fleas

Creepy Bob Woodward
His fifteen minutes were up
Thirty years ago

People watch Fox News
Because they're patriotic?
No. Idiotic.

FEMA's Michael Brown
"Doin' a heckuva job"
Just like Junior Bush

Our culture has failed
Kathy Griffin proves that fact
So does Ann Coulter

Bush got second term
One again, proving to all
Election was rigged

No gay marriage, friends
A threat to the sanctity
Of uptight zealots

'05 was insane
Our country is all fucked up
Impeach Bush next year!

Please feel free to add your own, and Happy New Year to everyone.


Sanford said...

Gay marriage up here,
Fire and brimstones? Not yet.
Bible fuckers lied.

Thanks for posting the haikus, Karen. (I was cleaning out a suitcase, and I found a few from ages ago on the bottom!)
Happy New Year!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. I certainly did. ;)

The Educated Eclectic said...

America, the
More you try to hide us, we
Gays will still be here

Happy New Year!

Pam said...

Happy New Year !

dusty said...

Here's to a Happy and indictment-filled new year to you Ms.Zipdrive :)

also the "other" I word would be nice too.