Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Snippet From Maureen Dowd

Never ask a guy who's in a bubble if he's in a bubble. He can't answer. 'Cause he's in a bubble.

But the NBC anchor Brian Williams gamely gave it a shot, showing the president the Newsweek cover picturing him trapped in a bubble. "This says you're in a bubble," Brian told W. "You have a very small circle of advisers now. Is that true? Do you feel in a bubble?"

"No, I don't feel in a bubble," Bubble Boy replied, unable to see the bubble because he's in it. "I feel like I'm getting really good advice from very capable people and that people from all walks of life have informed me and informed those who advise me." He added, "I'm very aware of what's going on." He swiftly contradicted himself by admitting that "this is the first time I'm seeing this magazine" - his version of his dad's Newsweek "Wimp Factor" cover - and that he doesn't read newsmagazines....

Brian struggled to learn whether W. read anything except one-page memos.

Talking about his mom, Bubble Boy returned to the idea of the bubble: "If I'm in a bubble, well, if there is such thing as a bubble, she's the one who can penetrate it." "I'll tell the guys at Newsweek," the anchor said impishly. "Is that who put the bubble story?" W. asked. First he didn't know about it, and now he's forgotten it already?

That's the alluring, memory-cleansing beauty of the bubble. The idea that W. is getting good advice from very capable people is silly - administration officials have blown it on everything from the occupation and natural disasters to torture.

In the bubble, they can torture while saying they don't. They can pretend that Iraqi forces are stronger than they are. They can try to frighten people with talk of Al Qaeda's dream of a new Islamic caliphate - their latest attempt to scare Americans into supporting the war they ginned up.

"Whether or not it needed to happen," the president told the anchor, "I'm still convinced it needed to happen." The Bubble Boy can even contradict himself and not notice....

W.'s contention that he's informed by people from all walks of life is a joke, as is his wacky assertion that he can "reach out" to the public more than Abraham Lincoln because he has Air Force One.

Lincoln actually went to the front in his war, with Minie balls whizzing by. No phony turkey for him. The president may fly over all walks of life in Air Force One or drive by them and hide behind dark-tinted windows.

In his bubble, he floats through a comforting world of doting women, respectful military audiences, loyal Republican donors and screened partisan groups - with protesters, Democrats, journalists, critics and coffins of dead soldiers kept at bay.

The president's bubble requires constant care. It's not easy to keep out huge tragedies like Katrina, or flawed policies like Iraq. As Newsweek noted, a foreign diplomat "was startled when Secretary of State Rice warned him not to lay bad news on the president. 'Don't upset him,' she said..."


Don't upset him? Is that what things have come to?
Why is our nation (and apparently our cabinet) walking on eggshells to protect this stupid little alkie tyrant from having temper tantrums?

Condi sounds like an indulgent mommy. "Don't upset our little Georgie, he has some teensy weensy anger issues."

Bubble Boy is a bitchy little punk. Can you imagine working for this guy?

I wish his ass-kissing cabinet would intentionally try to piss him off and place bets on the exact date of his implosion. They may as well; their association with him has forever branded them as creepy losers.

And I hope if the implosion occurs, it's televised. On Fox News.


dusty said...

They got rid of everyone that had the audacity to piss him off after the last election.

Kate said...


What would it take to pop this bubble?

Just curious... I got nothin' else to do at the moment.

Karen Zipdrive said...

A surface to air missile might work.
But then that would be very, very BAD.

BigSis said...

I don't think his bubble can be popped because its created by his mental incapacity (low IQ, stunted emotional growth, alcohol and/or whatever it is that's wrong with him). Even if you removed him from all his enablers and his money you can't make him smart enough to understand what's going on around him no matter who explains it to him. I guess I'm saying that his ignorance is his bliss/bubble.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yep. If you took away his family money and influence, Bubble Boy today would probably be the assistant manager of a Waco Burger King.
And he'd be the type to brag about getting a french frying proficiency award back in '88.

larkohio said...

Actually, the bubble occupies the space between his ears. There is nothing there, folks.

BigSis said...

This is a guy who sat in his Governor's office throwing spitballs at the art work.

And I'm good with stupid people, but this bastard is mean and angry too. The night Gore called him to say he changed his mind about conceding from the Presidential race, W had a freakin' snit fit at the Four Seasons Hotel and Poppy and Mother had to drag him back to the Governor's mansion to keep him out of the public eye. An angry, mean and stupid man should NOT be President of anything.

BigSis said...

larkohio hit it exactly right!!

Karen Zipdrive said...

God, I forgot that night Babs and Poppy had to drag the little bitch back to the Governor's mansion so he could have his tantrum in private.
That was one of the things that made me realize for sure that he was a loose cannon.

larkohio said...

I think he is really out of contact with reality. He also is just not very bright, and you can believe he is really angry with those of us who do not want to get with his program. Everytime he opens his mouth I cringe. Everytime he "stays the course" and he says something either stupid or untrue.

Three more years. Sigh!

Lulu Maude said...

O you guys are so mean. Just when he was getting used to this job all these really bad things happen to him, like the hurricane and everything. He actually didn't mind the hurricane so much, but the way people picked on him was so hard.

Well, I'm going to pray to his Higher Father that people will be nicer.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I pray that his Higher Father smacks him upside the head with some wisdom.