Sunday, December 18, 2005

An Impeachable Offense?
You're Damn Right it is.

At first I thought Bush admitting he had authorized illegal spying on Americans was just another scandal of the week that only a few million of us would find outrageous.
But the more I read about it, the more I see that this time he really showed himself to be the petty little dictator he is.

Sunday Newspaper editorials all over America are drawing the line-- not just with his arrogance in ignoring existing laws but for his unapologetic, even cavalier determination to continue tapping phones and reading e-mail without first going through the courts.

Here are a few samples:
NY Times Editorial: Bush "Secretly And Recklessly Expanded The Govt.'s Powers In Dangerous And Unnecessary Ways"…
Kansas City Star: “The Struggle With Foreign Enemies Does Not Simply Give Him A Blank Check”…
Denver Post Editorial: “Adm. Has Lost Its Sense Of Balance Between Essential Anti-Terrorism Tools And Encroachment On Liberties”…
LA Times Editorial: “Stunning,” “One Of The More Egregious Cases Of Governmental Overreach”…
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Unacceptable Actions Of A Police State”…
St. Petersburg Times Editorial: “So Dangerously Ill-Conceived And Contrary To This Nation's Guiding Principles”…

From my research, there was no exigent reason for Bush to flout the laws and authorize wiretapping and e-mail spying without first getting court orders.
In fact, the way the laws are set up, the courts allow for the spying to commence even before they issue a warrant, just so long as a warrant is sought soon after the surveillance begins.
Bush never bothered.

Is he trying to tell us he didn't have the power to summon any judges quickly enough to obtain warrants? He's the president. He gets to wake up judges.

His arrogance and disregard for the law knows no bounds. This stunt proves it.

Authorizing surveillance without first seeking a court order is a crime, plain and simple.
The Federal Communications Act criminalizes surveillance without a warrant.
It is an impeachable offense.

If nothing is done to stop this maniac, that Constitutional right we Americans have to bear arms might become relevant even to gun-haters like me.

If Bush won't defend the Constitution, the American public may have to. This man has to step down, and soon.


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