Friday, December 23, 2005

Neo-con Pretzel Logic?

A few weeks ago, Sen. John Murtha called for the U.S. to start to withdraw troops from Iraq.
The right went bananas, with GOP spokeswoman, freshman Sen. Jean Schmidt saying, "Cowards cut and run, heroes do not."
That's right, this skinny, hawk-faced tinhorn chick from Ohio, only a few months in office, implied that retired Marine Col. Murtha, a much decorated, 20-year military veteran and a widely respected Senator with close ties to top military brass, was a coward.
Today Donald Rumsfeld announced the upcoming redeployment of two brigades out of the 17 the U.S. has in Iraq. Yes, he said he wants to get two brigades out of Iraq asap.
Which is it?
Is he bending to popular opinion, or as he claimed, trying to force the Iraqis to expedite the training of their own forces?
Who cares?
The guy's a two faced asshole who has been the worst, most dishonest, incompetent and despicable Secretary of Defense in history.
Fuck him. He has the blood of more than 2,000 American soldiers on his filthy hands.


BigSis said...

Here's my take on this fiasco:
Murtha busted them and when they lambasted him about it he said it didn't matter because Cheney et al had no choice but to figure out some way to pull the troops because (he made them aware) no U.S. generals favored the war.

If you notice, after Murtha busted them publicly they responded with that fake tough tone that "US troops won't stand down until Iraqi troops stand up." Then immediately they started pushing the stories about how the Iraqi soldiers were doing a fantastic job, they could spot the terrorists so much easier than the US because they know what they look like, or some such nonsense.

This is their pathetic attempt to save face. You can't keep up the war if none of your generals and 85% of the US population are against it. And especially if the President's approval rate is below 35%.

They'll claim a victory over this by saying things went exactly as they'd planned: The US troops trained the Iraqi troops to protect their new-found "democracy" and now we can bring our soldiers home with honor.

Bush's approval rating has risen a few points recently so if you noticed, he's on this new kick of communicating with the us about what's going on, and now the plans to bring our troops home. Its all so transparent.

dusty said...

Communicating with us? The man sounds like a moron when he speaks..but yes he will claim this was all part of his grand plan which sickens me but I will take it any way I can get it...the troops out of Iraq I mean. Jean Schmidt can kiss my ass..twice even..

Karen Zipdrive said...

Victory, in BushCo's secret terms, would have meant getting an American stronghold on their puppet democracy and thereby a stronghold on their oil production.
They thought it would be easy and they were mistaken.
1. BushCo lied about WMD's to get us in there.
2. Cheney lied and said it would be a brief war, and that our troops would be greeted as liberators and pelted with flowers and candy.
3. Everyone lied and said it would not be a block by block, mano a mano fight.
4. None of those idiots anticipated such a virulent, diverse insurgency.
5. Cheney lied about the insurgency being on its last legs.
6. None of them had an exit strategy.
7. None of them cared that the troops lacked armor or the necessary troop level to get the job done, before or after Saddam's ouster.
8. None of them will admit that this invasion and occupation of Iraq has raised the level of terrorist threats to America.
9. When generals have spoken out against the bad planning and execution of this war, they have been fired.
10. They can't exit and claim victory. What they are oblivious to, the rest of the world sees in technicolor.