Friday, December 09, 2005

Project Runway

Is anyone up for a weekly discussion of this fabulous show on Bravo?
The 90-minute season opener was really good.
I think there already are some front-runners- Santino, for one. But he's overly confident, so that'll make for a dastardly hero.

Then there are the crybabies. That bald guy who looks like a fetus is gonna be a real mess.
But I do miss Austin Scarlett. They don't get any gayer than her.
And watch for the Asian girl from Rhode Island School of Design- her computer aided, magnetized fashions make me want to smack her.


Cris said...

santino is an overly cocky ass....
the bald guy shouldn't make it long...and they guy from last season.....i like his classic lines...but that doesnt mean he will win :)

Karen Zipdrive said...

Santino's reaction to being #2 in the first real challenge set him up as the sociopathic genius.
Hell be a ratings-getter.

BigSis said...

Agreed on the repeat guy. His outfits are great but he had a week to work on that dress and what the heck happened with those breast flaps?? I think maybe the producers probablyoverrode the judge's decions. They seemed to want the repeat guy gone, or the bald cry baby. The bald cry baby pissed off the women judges and Heidi, and his outfit was for crap. But he's good watching because blubbering men of any sexual orientation always bring out the beast in us and we can't wait to see them removed in a pool of snot and tears and incoherent excuses.

Agreed also that Santino is going to get a run for his money with the Asian woman who won. The previews showed him doing something wrong so maybe she'll sail past him???

I thought all the guys were gay but now I'm thinking Santino is just odd and ugly. What do you think?

And leave the magnet girl alone. She's different and very nice. That magnetThe poor stooge even put them in the wrong direction so they'd oppose each other. A science project gone horribly wrong, HA!

Karen Zipdrive said...

The Asian woman who won the "clothes off our backs" competition really was an ingenius designer, making that fabulous little turquoise and black dress from the meager outfit she had on.
Santino set the tone afterwards when he sneered that he lost because the judges didn't want to give him two wins in a row.
The look on her face was classic foreshadowing. She's gonna be breathing down his neck the whole time.
As for Rhode Island School of Design Magnet Girl, I think I have advanced hostility toward her because I dated a RISD alumna back in the 80's and she gave me fits.
Magnet girl should stick to classic fasteners, then add the futuristic hardware once she nails the basic structure of the garment. That's all I'm sayin.'
As for the cry baby, Heidi is a nice Cherman girl who will not be able to take much more of that emotional meltdown bullshit. If he's allowed to stay on the show, it'll just be so the judges can torture him. ;)