Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Project Runway

Ooooh, tonight the contestants were designing for the latest version of Barbie, whose eyes are now set wider and whose lips are suddenly plumped up through Barbie collagen injections. Barbie looks like a bit of a 'ho now, and I couldn't be more pleased.
The designers had to design an outfit for a live model and one to match for Barbie herself.
As usual, Santino designed a lovely little frock in shades of light blue and mauve.
But when he realized his dress wasn't chosen as number one, he glared at the judges like he wanted to murder them, then stomped off as well as any mincing queen can stomp.
Nick Vero's Barbie dress was by far the prettiest, hippest and best design, so he earned the win. But when he went backstage to the kisses and hugs of his fag hags and faggy peers, Santino was seen sitting on the floor in the corner, sulking like a little bitch.
Here's a nice link so you can see who I am talking about:

And here's a Zipdrive rundown on each character:

Raymundo: Voted out tonight- horrible Barbie dress, the "Halloween table cloth w/ burlap bolero jacket"
Kara: She'll never make it unless JC Penney is short on designers
Chloe: She's got some real talent
Emmet: Now here is a faggot I could hang around with. He's classy.
Marla: Thin ice, baby.
Santino: The clear villain & design genius. Looks like Bin Laden. Acts like Liza Minelli, on and off the vodka.
Kirsten: Never mind her- she's gone.
Heidi: Zzzzzzzzzz is she gone? I forget.
Diana: Asian computer/techno fashion girl from RISD my sister likes, but I remain iffy.
Nick Veros: Talented and everyone loves him but Santino the prick.
Daniel Franco: Quit blinking, you scared rabbit. And stop using variations of the same pattern for everything, damn it.
Guadalupe: Too weird, bland color palette, dumb haircut.
Andrae: Crybaby who loves designing balloon skirts that would make Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look like cows.
Daniel: Under the radar.
Zulema: Urban fashions for the BET set.
John: A fat boy won last season. Too bad, punkin.


dusty said... so make me want to see this show.

"Barbie looks like a bit of a 'ho now, and I couldn't be more pleased." I died on cats were looking at me weird as I lmao.

Karen Zipdrive said...

They show reruns of it on Bravo several times a week. Consult your local TV listings.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Trump selected the wrong person last night as his Apprentice. That guy turned out to be a rat- he could have brought Rebecca with him but he wanted to be the only Apprentice. Selfish potato-nosed bastard.