Sunday, February 10, 2008

All the Hubbub About Amy Winehouse

After tonight's Grammys, anyone who watched Amy Winehouse's two-song set broadcasted by satellite from London will understand why she cleared the table in every category for which she was nominated, and why she's in the news daily.
Big Sis and I were frying the lines between San Antonio and Austin after we heard her sing, then again after she won Song of the Year and gave her quirky, brilliant and humble thanks.
Such amazing talent! I think she's attractive in a totally unconventional, tragic, exciting, dangerous way. She made me scare myself a little.
Her smouldering eyes reminded me why I went on a Jewish girl kick a few years back.
But most of all, she showed the world she can sing the hell out of a song.
I haven't been as excited about seeing a live performance since Ed Sullivan booked the Beatles and Annie Lennox wore Mousekateer ears on SNL.
Did you see it?
What did you think?
Was she what you expected?

-Amazed in San Antonio


Lulu Maude said...

Didn't see it, but I take your musical enthusiasms seriously. In the old days you and I shared great joy in Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life... remember?

Our dear ol' country is certainly puritanical about to whom it issues its visas, no news there. Remember John Lennon? Even the gentle Muslim Cat Stevens can't visit us anymore.

Just finished reading Eric Clapton's autobiography. Lots of people around him fell like trees in a storm.

As a recovering addict/alcoholic myself, I can only hope Amy makes it through. You do have to be ready, and recovery has to be not only your decision, but your earnest and desperate wish.

karenzipdrive said...

LuLu, I remember that night in Venice in clear detail. I was waxing eloquent about Stevie Wonder's lyrics and you were slightly more restrained. Neither of our partners cared one way or the other-they were too busy cruising each other.
Amy Winehouse got a last minute visa, but it would have required her to fly all night and be ready to perform the next day, so she said no,no,no.
However, once the industry got to see Amy Winehouse rock the house last night, they'll see tons of money to be made in U.S. Winehouse concerts, and she'll be able to breeze in.
I can't wait. I'd pay $250 to see her in person.

As for her addictions, I'm praying that her major night last night (presumably done sober) will inspire her to stay with us a while longer.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. That Babyshambles guy is more train wreck than talent, but his equally intemperate comrade is outstanding. I decided this morning to actually look her up on YouTube having only heard of her till today. Wow.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If YouTube doesn't have video of her performance last night, the Huffington Post (listed to the right) has it under their "entertainment" link.
I think her talent is a lot bigger than her stunted super ego, and she's shaky like a new foal under the weight of it all.
With any luck, five new Grammys will bolster her confidence enough to allow her to consider saving herself from over-doing booze and drugs.
I think a lot of musical geniuses (think Willie Nelson)consider smoking weed a part of their creative process. If she could just restrict herself to an occasional joint or two, I think she'll last a lot longer.

dguzman said...

I've heard a lot of the hype, and the crap, about her--but I still haven't heard/seen her. Not having any TV reception kinda hinders my viewing...

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Karen.

If only we could all be more like Willie Nelson.

bigsis said...

There's no one like Amy. Her singing/songs are so haunting they almost torment you, like being in love with a gorgeous addict. You know you shouldn't be into them, but you are and that makes you vulnerable and scared.

sass said...

i love her. i knew she was something special the moment i heard her.

her voice wasn't the best that night, but i'm so happy she didn't crap out.

karenzipdrive said...

They say working the 12 steps help addiction but I think snagging 5 Grammys must also be pretty good incentive.
Her Mom says she's really doing well since that night.