Friday, February 15, 2008

While Princess Sparkle Pony is on Vacation...

I thought Condi Rice would read his blog and figure she should go on vacation, too.
She purchased this ensemble from the Halliburton company store.
Her vacation spot is the beach at El Segundo, California, where she's able to romp the tar-stained sands in the shadows of oil rigs. The privacy! The sexy aroma of crude oil and salty ocean breezes!


Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Whoa, Zippie! That's some mighty fine artwork, there!


Dusty said...

Damn fine photoshop!!!

I also laughed my butt off about the sexy aroma of crude oil and salty ocean breezes..that's El Segundo!

Karenzipdrive said...

In all fairness, my pal KT sent me the pic as is. Thanks go to her.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Karenzipdrive:

This is Condi. I am giving you an update in absentia of the real Princess, Peter.

I am absolutely boring the Africans. I'm not sure whether I am thrilled to see my distant relatives. I know, I know, I have exclaimed on more than one occasion about my unidimensional, it's all about me upbringing that my family heritage is Italian, hence my Afrocentric name: Condoleezza. Ahem...I guess that makes me Italian-African American. But, they are so much darker than I am. I guess that's what living so close to the equator will do to your melanin.

My hair is holding up well in heat. My skin is glistening, but I am not sweating. Haven't these folks heard of air-conditioning.

Basically, I am doing what I do best...spewing hot air that yields no results. I guess the Kenyans told me; they told be that the US should stay out of their business. Well, another diplomatic coup for me...another sovereign country filled with peace, freedom, and democracy.

Missing you much. Can't wait to see you again, my darling. XOXOXOXO


GDAEman said...

I can't spell the sound that came out of me when I scrolled down to this picture.... but it ended in "eeeEEEeee"