Thursday, February 07, 2008

More Reasons to Choose the Woman

If Hillary is elected, somehow I doubt she'll agree to wear a burka if she decides to visit Bush's owners in Saudi Arabia. Same goes for Afghanistan. Someone has to stand up to these sexist bastards, and I believe Hillary will do that, not to mention inspiring women all over the world that they too can succeed in a man's world.
As long as there still are women all over the world forced to undergo clitorodotomies, I think a female American president will care more about it and do something about it more likely than a male president would.
If Hillary is elected, I think she and Bill will continue to support the Human Rights Campaign, and attend their events as they have in the past.
Unlike Obama, Camp Clinton did not invite an ex-gay prosthelitizer onto the campaign bus, nor did they have to suddenly add a genuine gay man to the bus after they caught hell over it.
Hillary does not belong to a church that condemns gay people from the pulpit, but Obama does.
As long as controlling men try to overturn Roe v. Wade and impose on a woman's right to choose, we need a woman in office who has never faultered in her support.
While America definitely needs change from the standard White Anglo Saxon Protestant Male in the Whitehouse, but I'm not sure a Black man understands women, queers, female oppression or pregnancy issues like a woman does.
Blacks have indeed endured endless discrimination in America, but I think it's safe to say women have faced the same discrimination in other ways.
As a woman, I'm going with my own kind.


Lulu Maude said...

Ex-gay prosthelitizer?? Sounds like a wooden leg that humidifies, too.

Somehow I don't worry about Obama fostering an atmosphere of discrimination.

We're such a burden to all these breeder politicians. But I do know that Hillary's heart is in the right place on us.

Good post!

karenzipdrive said...

I don't think Obama would discriminate against anyone per se, but I don't think he'll be at all proactive on gay rights.
If he's being honest about his devotion to his church, he can't be pro gay rights lest he provoke their judgmental wrath.
I'll still vote for him if he gets the nod; I just hope he doesn't.

CLD said...

He'll leave any and all decisions having to do with gays and lesbians to the states. He'll let them write discrimination into their constitutions. That way, he can say he didn't do it and can turn a blind eye to us. Like Lulu Maude said, we're such a burden to these breeder politicians; especially the ones who like to think of themselves as progressive.

karenzipdrive said...

I agree with you CLD.
To me, states rights should not apply to matters of discrimination.
The Feds should mandate all states to adopt non-discrimination policies toward all people who pay their share of income and other taxes.
LBJ understood this but this latest breed of "progressive" politicians don't.

dguzman said...

I agree with CLD too. And as you and I commented on another blog, I firmly believe that misogyny is far more entrenched in this country's psyche than racism is. When a child is born, no one says, "Oh, he's black/white" but they say, "it's a girl/boy." Even from our time in the womb, people are obsessed about gender. And all our lives we're surrounded by the media's open and celebrated objectification of women. You can't say that about racism.

Obama's statements now about gays seem convenient--and fake. Hillary's always been a proponent of acceptance and community. That's why she gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Didja see this?

karenzipdrive said...

Yes, anonymous, I have seen Molly Ivins's piece on Hillary, and as much as I idolized Molly, I didn't agree with every word she ever wrote.
Like many of my liberal friends, Ivins seems to think candidates have the luxury of expressing their true beliefs and expecting the electorate to embrace their candor and courage.
It's just not true. Ask Dennis Kucinich.
Bottom line, I have a choice between a white woman a little older than me or a black man who's younger than me.
To whom can I relate better?
Whom do I trust more on gay rights?
I think Bill was a good president and I think she will be, too.
And as much as I like dreamers who sloganeer with YES WE CAN's and all that, I'm just too old to believe in that gossamer bullshit.

But, please, vote for either one of them- with my blessings.

Thomas said...

Followed you here from Jodi's site, and I can honestly say you are one of the most intelligent, articulate and thoughtful women I'll ever disagree with.

I'm a corn-fed white boy with raging hetero-hormones, which means we have SO much to agree on. But I'm also the youngest of seven, raised by my Mom and two sisters in a town where an interracial relationship was considered odd if you WEREN'T in one (College towns tend to be that way.) While I can empathize with the sufferance plight AND the civil rights movements, I can't fully understand them. Mom raised me to be ignorant of someone's color and gender. People, as Depeche Mode pointed out, are people. I can only conclude that due to being male and white, I've never been aware of any predjudice against me to rally at.

Hillary, to me, seems willing to do, say and act in whatever means it takes to win. Surprising since her sphere of influence and noteriety extende beyond that of an ordinary politician. Through speaking engagements, books, memoirs and such, she could make far more money for her causes. Through travel, awareness efforts and meetings with world leaders, she could help to change hearts and minds without the diplomatic rules that tie the hands of Presidents. The difference, in my mind's eye, is that she would have access to "the big red button".

But I'm more than willing to admit I don't understand her true motivation.

But being the corn-fed, white, hetero-horomone driven male, I completely understand Bill's motivation to be surrounded by interns. That, though, is like a Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis reunion movie: I've seen it before, didn't appreciate it, and have no desire to see it again.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hey Thomas, glad to see you here--welcome. Thank you kindly for the props.
I think at this level of politics all candidates are willing to fuck a snake to get elected. I think many people expect women to be above all that, but I assure you, we are not.
Hillary has been a serious and earnest student of politics ever since they invited her as a law student at Yale to assist in writing the impeachment documentation against Richard Nixon.
I think public service is her calling, but I think the perks she once enjoyed in the Whitehouse also have influenced her ardent desire to be president.
As for Bill hankering to be around fuckable new interns, I have heard about and fully expect Rupert Murdoch (et al) to release a dossier of well-documented instances of Bill continuing to philander way past the Lewinsky expose.
I really detest marital cheaters, having been reared by a father who considered himself quite the cocksman.
But in reality, I have no control over and no insight into the Clinton marriage, any more than I did my own parents' marriage.
I know what I would and wouldn't tolerate in a relationship, but it's not for me to judge that for others.
I like Hillary for selfish reasons. I'm queer; she's queer friendly. I'm a decade away from Social Security; she's even closer.
Sure,I think she's done an amazing job of manipulating and lying about her true nature to attract moderate-to-conservative voters.
I don't really care how she gets in, I just hope she does.