Monday, February 11, 2008

Crazy Baby Jake!

Sorry, no new photos of the kitten today. It's too hard to focus on a little buff-colored blur.
After a long weekend of being isolated in a closed bedroom, Jake can no longer be contained. Whenever I'd open the door he'd escape, undaunted by the presence of a 16-pounder (Nick) hissing at him as he raced by.
So now he's loose, exploring my office and paying no heed to Nick's low growls and half hearted attempts to sniff his tiny ass.
My office is adjacent to the kitchen. James is at one end and Nick is at the other. Baby Jake is taunting them both, sticking his paws in their water dish and trying to eat chunks of Big Boy kibble right in their faces. They are both puffed up and staring intently but neither are being aggressive.
I think I'll start letting Jake explore the house in 15 minute, supervised chunks. That way, the Big Boys can get used to him without scaring the hell out of him when he wanders too close.
I just took him back to his room. He seemed slightly relieved.


dguzman said...

Wow, he's really starting out sassy, eh? Messing with the big boys' food? Oy. Clawsie would not allow such youthful brashness to go unpunished.

Karen Zipdrive said...

He's definitely his own boy already. I think he senses that James and Nick are basically a couple of pussies who pose no real threat to him.
His desire to have fun trumps anything they can dish out to him.

dguzman said...

Sounds like my bunny when he met the girls. They freaked the F out with him, but he was just so eager to play.

On an unrelated note--I'm getting worried about Hillary--all this Obama blah-blah-blah in the media. Like he wins 3 primaries and all of a sudden he's in the White House, you know? The guy's got NOTHING underneath! Why don't other people see that? Hillary's got cred; Obama's got speaking skills. It's sad to me that she's getting so mutilated by the press while he's just Mr. Wonderboy. Typical misogyinistic media.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Obama is merely a new flavor, that's all. American youth love to get all dewy eyed over anything new.
Obama's the Miley Cyrus of politics; he's talented and seems charming, I just can't relate as well to his political music as I can to Hillary's.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Political muscle. Good point, that.

Sounds like Baby Jake's taking good care of himself. My own Rudy-toot was a nervy kitten. She's lost ground since she has grown, since I sold my house and [her] yard and we moved in with my spouse and her two cats. The first year was miserable, and to this day Sassafras enjoys playing the bully. Rudy and Indigo have made peace, at least.

Adjusting probably would have been easier when R. was a kitten.

Ah, well...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Jake was The Chosen One since he was a month old. As the only male in the litter, he was born with that odd sense of entitlement, presumably derived from all that wacky testosterone.
Being adored, cuddled and swooned over from early babyhood has made him brave. He expects to be popular and hasn't noticed that he still has dues to pay with The Big Boys.
Nope, it's his little world and the adults will just have to learn to live in it.