Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Name is Baby Jake and I Own This House

These photos are way out of order because I am distracted. At the moment, Baby Jake is trying to climb my bare legs so he can help me write this entry. He can't spell but he loves to mash on the keys with his sturdy baby paws.
James and Nick have had it.
They are so tired of Jake charging at them, eating their food, racing by their shocked faces and otherwise upsetting their cozy applecarts, now they just lay there glaring at him and offering bored hisses and an ocassional half-hearted paw swipe as he blurs by.
Jake now has free reign of the house. He has learned to bust open my bedroom door, where last night he jumped on my bed and took James's customary spot in the crook of my right arm.
I can' believe I ever worried about the Big Boys not welcoming him into the household. Baby Jake is the baddest Alpha Dog ever. He couldn't care less about what the boys think.
This morning I fed the boys their wet food, then went to Jake's bowl in the bedroom and filled it. Jake ate his food in three big gulps, then he raced into the kitchen and pushed Nick out of the way so he could eat his food. And Nick left without incident!
Finally last night at around 11:30 I got to see Jake fall asleep. I welcomed it like someone might welcome the end of a hurricane.


Karen Zipdrive said...

The weather is sunny and lovely here in San Antonio today, but I had to change from shorts to sweats because Jakie has managed to lacerate my legs to shreds by using them as climbing posts.
I don't want to trim his claws just yet in case the boys want to fight with him, but damn!

dguzman said...

He's so cute! Oooh, those baby needle claws--ouch.

I usually say a little prayer to the universe that Clawsie ("The Fat One") hasn't eaten Niblet or the other kitties before I enter my home each evening. The old ones tend to stop being overt about their hatred, preferring passive-aggressive stuff when Mommy's not looking.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hmm, I just noticed something.
Baby Jake is a lot more like a puppy than a kitten.
He follows me from room to room, he sleeps with me and today he's a total lap dog. He's been on my lap for the last two hours, sleeping his little butt off.
I think my pal KT tricked me into thinking he was a kitty. But he's clearly a baby dog.

cynical said...

I love the photo of his tail as he blows right out of the frame -- it seems like that's pretty much the story of Jake at this point. I also love that he's sleeping with you already. Makes me wonder if part of what makes that spot in the crook of your arm so very attractive is the very fact that somebody else had first dibs. Oh, and don't forget your Bacitracin for kitty scratches!

Lulu Maude said...


I'm glad that Jake is fearless, but aren't kittens, usually?

I once had a kitten who exhausted me with her antics... she really needed to pounce me all night long. I get weary just remembering her. Ol' Kittay. She lived to be 26 years old!


karenzipdrive said...

Ohmygod. This morning Baby Jake positioned himself on my chest just inches from my face. As I laid there in and out of dozing, I'd open my eyes and he'd be staring at me. Finally he inched so close his fuzz was brushing my face.
Now the Big Boys are starting to lick his head a little and the growling has stopped.
I'm almost ready to put all three food bowls together since he already eats from their bowls.
This is going to work out well. He's a damn fine puppy-er-kitten.

P.S. I use Tea Tree oil on the lacerations.

Dusty said...

hell on wheels eh? Nothing like a cute kitten with a little chutzpah ;)

Julien Sharp said...

Can I just say how much I am loving this story? From the first, when you decided to get him...and it just gets better and better!

karenzipdrive said...

I put their wet food bowls together this evening and they all sat there eating together peacefully.
Then Baby Jake started nudging them out of the way and he finished off their food, too.
Cats must not be able to judge their size against other kitties. They must go by whoever's the nerviest.

Dusty said...

I think your right..I have a female that just beats the living shit out of a male that is twice her size. Bobbie the bitch as she is known, just nails Casper every chance she gets, even when the poor fool is just walking down the hall minding his own damn bidness.

Distributorcap said...

like godfather, like son

except NO horse's head