Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Haiku

It's Valentine's Day, and since I don't actually have a Valentine, I offer these haiku as a gift to all of you.

Saint Valentine's Day
A day of commercial bliss
Hallmark loves you, babe

It's Valentine's Day
A day we celebrate love
Then fuck like bunnies

I'm alone today
But I look at it this way:
Don't have to shave legs

Still alone tonight
But I look at it this way:
Don't have to change sheets

To all my exes
On this special, loving day
No choc'late for you!

My Valentine is
A fuzzy kitten named Jake
He's cuter than girls

Expensive dinner
A dozen red roses, too
Can you say "cha-ching"?

Some women think that
This day is all about them
Ha! Halloween is.

Nice to be single
On this oh so special day
No need to trim bush.

Have a good one, all of you. Tell us what you've planned.


Julien Sharp said...

Great chuckle! Wifey is on call at the hospital tonight but we are celebrating starting tomorrow - 10 days skiing in Switzerland. woo hoo!

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

We ran around looking for a restaurant that wasn't overcrowded, then bought stuff and came home and made a better meal than we could get elsewhere.

While we were at the ol' Price Chopper I saw a lot of guys in the checkout lines with bouquets.

A friend just came in and told me that she and her partner gave each other the same book for the Day of Looove. They're well matched!

karenzipdrive said...

My Valentine Baby Jake made me a tiny tootsie roll surprise for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, he wrapped it in kitty litter.

Thomas said...

I bought a card weeks for my wife, only to lose it somewhere in the house where she, nor apparently I, could find it.

On the way home, I bought the same card, a 16 piece Godiva truffle assortment and a giant Toll-House cookie heart.

My wife gave me a sad look, said I sucked because she didn't have anything for me, then ate some of the cookie while evading the question of what she wanted for dinner.

And yet I wonder why it is I seek validation on the internet when I get SO much at home.

Dusty said...

lol..Happy VD day..oh well, its funny to me. VD could mean other things than Valentines Day ya know ;p

I don't celebrate ridiculous days set up by the greeting card industry. I think it's bullshit. I also don't celebrate Xmas and a couple of others.

Halloween is the birthday of my only child..the one that still borrows money at the age of 26..jeez..please god, help him reach adulthood soon..I can't afford to subsidize him any longer :)

karenzipdrive said...

Poor Thomas, you had us at the Godiva truffle assortment.
She should have given you golf balls or aftershave or some damn thing.