Friday, February 22, 2008

What's for Dinner?

I love to cook, but I really have to be in the mood before I knock myself out.
Tomorrow night I have a lady friend coming over to meet Baby Jake and break bread with me.
She's a very health-conscious eater, so I had to wrack my brain to find sensational food profiles without too much richness or too many calories.
Tell me what you think of the menu and see if I should add anything:
-Roasted chicken breasts Moroccan style, with preserved Meyer lemons and garlicky green olives
-Quinoa salad, served cold with green and red onions, parsley, toasted pine nuts and tiny grape tomatoes in a rice wine vinaigrette
-Fresh cherry crisp with organic oatmeal crumble
-Pinot Noir

Okay, the cherry crisp has a bit of butter and brown sugar in it, but my guest is crazy for cherries and she'll eat them in a gasoline sauce as long as cherries are involved.


dguzman said...

If she's not impressed, then she's an idiot! You go, girl.

Speaking of Baby Jake, have you seen the Mean Kitty video on youtube? Google it; you'll be glad you did!

Karen Zipdrive said...

I Googled it and, alas, I lost my sound capabilities when I had my computer nerd remove Vista and install MS instead on my new computer.
Basically, I saw a cute guy holding a limp kitty on his back for what seemed like an hour.
He didn't seem that mean to me.
What did I miss?

MJ said...

When it comes to date cooking, I'd steer clear of the onions, those fuckers stick with ya the whole night. But that's just me.

That said... Um, can I come over for dinner? YUM! Sounds great ;)

Karen Zipdrive said...

Call me crazy, but I think the scent of onion or garlic breath is cancelled out if both people eat it.

Distributorcap said...

i will babysit for baby Jake for a dinner like that!

then again i will babysit for a lot less

karenzipdrive said...

The verdict is still out on dinner. I made up all the recipes in my head and I'm hoping I didn't blow any of them.
It smells pretty damn spicy up in here with all the cumin, clove, cinnamon, garlic and thyme.
Hope I didn't overdo any of it.

Dusty said...

Damn, that is a simply devine dinner KZ!

Hope you had a great evening and your "lady friend" enjoyed what you prepared :)

karenzipdrive said...

The chicken was a little dry, otherwise eveything turned out just fine.
Caveat: like many high protein grains, quinoa is very gassy. Enough said.

Dusty said...

Oh dear..

Thank you for the heads up on quinoa ;p

Hope you had a good evening after the feast.

Karen Zipdrive said...

We had a lovely evening after the feast, considering I had to balance the urge to explode in a noxious, gaseous cloud with my concerns about damaging my intestinal tract with implosion.

Karen Zipdrive said...

P.S. Baby Jake was the perfect little host. He ran through his entire arsenal of baby tricks, including puffing up and arching his back when Nick walked by.
He's total chick bait.

Dusty said...

Sweet Jaysus Karen..the visual I just got ;)

Dusty said...

Yes, kittehs are certainly chick bait ;p

dguzman said...

Whoa, did Ms. Zip get lucky?

Yikes on the quinoa. Point taken!

CLD said...

I was almost sorry I'd missed dinner until the tip about the gassy bloat. No thank you. I had the same problem with a barley soup The Princess made for me when we were dating. I thought I was going to die. Implosion is not an exaggeration. ;)

karenzipdrive said...

I checked with my lady friend and she said she did not have any intestinal issues over the quinoa.
But she also said she's going vegan, which concerns me.
I mean, I can see vegetarianism, but the thought of not drowning broccoli in a stick o' butter is simply unacceptable.

Dusty said...

I will be house/dog sitting at a palatial estate in SoCal for ten days.

I get to figure out what to serve two vegitarian bloggers that are coming to visit on the same day. Although I have cut back on red meat, I like my chicken and some junk food on occasion.

They said salads are fine and cheese pizza. I think I can live with that and a veggie platter.

chefzipdrive said...

Make them a pesto pizza.
And quinoa- that's got lots of protein if you don't mind the subsequent ass-blasting.

Dusty said...

Do you have a recipe KZ? I would love to dazzle em..they show up this weekend..Sunday to be exact.