Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh, No We Can't

We haven't come a long way and we aren't babies.
Think it over.
We can all safely assume John McCain will select a white male as his VP.
Nobody will make a peep about his lack of diversity, in fact, people would be shocked if he didn't choose another male WASP as a running mate.
But can you imagine what people would say if Hillary chose another white woman or Obama chose a Black man as their running mates?
Political suicide.
Massive freak out.
Yep, as long as we recognize that white men still rule America, and that it's only with their permission that we are allowed to consider a woman or a man of color for president, we'll be able to keep what remains of our sanity and not have to waste time fretting over the status quo.
Ahh yes, the fucked-up, never ending status quo.


Dusty said...

Only white males need apply?

Fuck that shit.

But your right..damn it!

CLD said...

Ah The Patriarchy. Fuck it.

karenzipdrive said...


Lulu Maude said...

People with privilege are seldom, if ever, willing to surrender a speck of it.

That said, wouldn't it be dandy for Sparkle Pony if Condoleeeeeezzzzza were selected as McCain's running mate?

More shoes! More hairdos! More matching armchairs!

dguzman said...

Lulu--bite your tongue! Despite the wealth of Sparklepony material such a pairing would yield, I'd worry that some people would actually be stupid enough to vote for McGeezer and Lecondel.

bigsis said...

Texas Senator Kaye Bailey Hutchison is said to be on McCain's list for possible VP's. And Kaye said she'd do it.

But then, Kaye's a white man in drag so your theory remains intact.

Distributorcap said...

But then, Kaye's a white man in drag so your theory remains intact.


maybe McCain will pick George P Bush --- as his granddaddy called him "the little brown one" --- it will be a non white male BUSH

karenzipdrive said...

McCain wouldn't dare draft Ken Bailey Humpington-I think America has had enough of Texans, not to mention ex-cheerleaders.
And Jorge Pee Bush? The lil' brown one is too young.

Lulu Maude said...

I think that Condoleeeeezzzza would be dumb enough to accept. Another meaningless post, another historical first!

Ewwww. Remember that there were people promoting her for the Top Job.

It helps not to pay attention.

bigsis said...

I think McCain would pick Kaye in hopes of getting all the R women votes(wouldn't need those angry R men then)and the D women voteres who would be pissed if Obama won. Texas has lots of voters and Texans seem to loooove them some Kaye Bailey.

I think Condaleezamarie is ready to go back to her lofty lesbian lifestyle. And I don't think she's stupid enough to want to hang around and take the blame/clean up the horrid mess she helped create.

Hmmm, the G Pee Bush idea is intriguing though.

karenzipdrive said...

Georgie Pee is only 32.
And Kay Bailey Crotchington is too much of a Bush lover to make a convincing running mate for Walnuts.
Whenever I write her an angry letter or e-mail, her replies are always robotic and haughty.
I think Lieberman might be a good choice for Walnuts- a wishy washy Jewish turncoat certainly fills the bill.

bigsis said...

HA, yeah the entertainment value of a McCain/Lieberman ticket would be almost worth voting R. Between old McCain's painful looking cheek and weenie Lieberman's voice sounding like Max Wright (the father on Alf), I'm sure the Gen- Xer's would flock to the polls to vote for them.

karenzipdrive said...

Lieberman looks like Alf's dad, too.
What kind of Jew would be as chummy with the Republicans? Did he come from Cuba or Wyoming or somewhere like that?
No. He's a Yankee Jew and that should mean the same as a yellow dog, Texas Democrat.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Big Sis told me that Lieberman's separated-at-birth twin Max Wright turned out to be a crack addict who lost his wife and kids over his addiction to said crack and for paying homeless men to fuck him silly.
How fuckin'creepy is that?