Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rest in Peace, MoFo

When I was a little kid, I used to watch a news talk show called "Firing Line."
William F. Buckley was the host, and though I didn't have the political savvy at age 8to know conservatives from liberals, I did know Buckley was erudite, intelligent and he sounded real fancy.
His clipped accent sounded sort of Kennedyish to my little ears, so I figured he was worth a listen.
But then I'd see him arguing with people I liked, and I figured out something was wrong with him.
Little did I know then that Buckley would become the patriarch to a nation of right wing, fear mongering, greedy, fascist Republicans.
Yes, he started this and now he's dead.
One down.


Dusty said...

Love your title!

He wanted cannabis decrim'd..and he came to hate the neocons.

Only redeeming features I can think of .

dguzman said...

I remember watching that same show, only I thought it was all fake, like Mystery! or some other PBS show, because all they did was talk.

karenzipdrive said...

Buckley was, in all fairness, an old school conservative and a gentleman, unlike these rude assholes today like Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Coulter, et al.
He loved to debate, they love to decimate.
But he inspired these clowns, and we cannot forget that.
He should have done more to discredit them, I think.

Dusty said...

I agree, he slammed them in his later years to a small degree..still..there aren't enough true original conservatives screaming about the neocons and what they have put upon us and the world.

They have been marginalized by the reichwingers.

Anonymous said...

Firing Line was a weekly ritual in our house and I loved to watch tempers heat up between Buckley and Gore Vidal...back in the early 60's...that made for great TV.

It must be said of Buckley that he recognized that the Iraq War was a huge mistake and publicly acknowedged the error of his thinking.

Distributorcap said...

buckley was smart, erudite and willing to admit a mistake

but he was one of the founding fathers of this shit called "conservatism"

libhom said...

Buckley was bought and paid for by corporate interests.