Friday, June 27, 2008

I Told Ya So

It seems Hillary Clinton has kept her promise to enthusiastically campaign for Barack Obama, yet some of his Claymates still insist on being dicks about her.
"Yeah, she's doing it for political expediency..." ad nauseam.
As I've always said, I much prefer sore losers to sore winners.
Rather than his acolytes saying, "Hillary got 18 million votes; her endorsement is important to our candidate," still there are too many who cannot tamp down their innate hatred for her.
This whole mess has taught me one thing. Racism in America is a tiny fraction of the breadth of misogyny we've witnessed in the last year.
I've heard too many phony women haters say, "I'd vote for a woman to be president, just not THAT woman."
But when I ask which woman they WOULD support, the hemming and hawing begins.

The good part about Obama getting the nomination is that his rabid devotees will soon learn that he is just another pandering politician, like all politicians.
Just recently, he announced that he's for the death penalty.
In the months to come, watch for him to condone lots of other middle-to-rightwing policies so he can get elected.
Hillary did not invent pandering. Pandering is to politicians as ugly sports coats are to television sportscasters.

Obama needs high profile, moderate liberals like Hillary to endorse him.
When she steps forward to campaign for him, I wish his fan club would do me a favor and show a little gratitude.


Anonymous said...

"His rabid devotees will soon learn that he is just another pandering politician, like all politicians."

Sad but true. Witness his capitulation over the FISA revision. Glenn Greenwald has a nice piece on that:

Karen, I know you're in San Antonio and at&t is a big player down there, but even you have to admit immunizing them against civil suits does not serve the public.

karenzipdrive said...

Hey, I have no loyalty to AT&T just because they are the providers for my landline, cell phone and DSL services.
It was either them or Time Warner, and I hate that bunch of sniveling crooks.
Immunizing AT&T against lawsuits has been a travesty of justice. They were complicit in enabling Bush to violate our constitutional right to privacy and they should be held accountable for it.
That Obama joined many others who should have known better in capitulating to Bush's demands regarding FISA illustrates perfectly that he's just one more big league corporate puppet politician beholden to corporate campaign dollars.

Oh, I plan to vote for him, but I have never has delusions about who and what he is.

karenzipdrive said...

errata, last sentence above:

Dusty said...

Since I still don't support Obama, I must say her speech was pretty good and sounded sincere.

Obama's move to the right on major issues lately has left a bad taste in my mouth..and I have this horrible need to say to all his followers..I TOLD YA SO! muhahahahahahahahah.. he is a centrist just like Hill.

Distributorcap said...

i was never a big fan of obama - now even less -- he is just another disappointing poltician. you can already see some buyer's remorse in the lefty online world.

i was never a fan of hillary either --- and you know KZ it has nothing to do with her being a woman -- it has to do with the iraq vote, flag burning etc.

but like you -- he has my vote, with some nose holding. mainly because no matter what either of them say or do -- mcsame is 100x worse.

i knew she would do the right thing -- she cares about the party, the country and hillary -- and doesnt want to be blamed for his loss. then again ANY politician in the same boat would do the same thing -- edwards, dodd, kucinich etc.

sadly this country is just fucked --- i dont have much hope of us lasting too much longer as a united nation. reagan, bush and bush have seen to that.

karenzipdrive said...

Hillary started her pandering earlier than Obama, with her flag thing and the Iraq vote.
But I knew then what she was doing, just as I knew Obama would wind up doing the same.
We have no way of knowing how he would have voted re: Iraq. We can just make safe assumptions based on his capitulation over the FISA bill.
I have no pity for his soon to be disillusioned fan club--I tried to warn the little tinhorns.

dguzman said...

I think you hit the nail on the head, Karen, in your response to DCap--Hillary knew and accepted the fact that she'd have to pander, while Mr. CareBears was busy pretending to be the Messiah. Now all of a sudden his little acolytes are whining because SHOCK! Obama needs to pander. Big surprise, folks! This country is too full of wackos to NOT pander!

And you're right--gratitude and class would be much more becoming than this sore-winner bullshit attitude.

karenzipdrive said...

Thanks for the props, y'all.