Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet Justice!

Last night in Boston, the Celtics handed the Lakers a 39-point drubbing, not only winning the NBA Championship, but making Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson look like a couple of baboons.
The Lakers needed some humbling, and who better to do it than first-time champions Coach Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce?
I have never seen such a deserving team beat such an undeserving team so bad.
Thirty-nine points!
Despite the eye poking, the bogus calls and the Lakers' reputation, the Celtics were like the team of old: full of cooperative, unselfish players who did whatever it took to defend and score.
Unlike the jaded L.A. fans, the Celtics fans stood for nearly the whole game- cheering, singing and applauding their team at every possession, rebound and made shot.
My Spurs may have fallen to the Lakers in the conference finals, but the Celtics were like big brothers who came in and kicked their arrogant, sorry asses.
Hey Kobe! Suck it!


Shelley T said...

Celts rule!!!

dguzman said...

Even during the glory days of Magic and Bird, I was never really a fan but I knew enough to hate the Lakers, as a team and individually! Congrats to the Celts.

bigsis said...

Made all the sweeter because it was an historical drubbing. Worst score in the HISTORY of the playoffs HA. At least we know that the women working at Kobe's hotel were safe last night.

Dusty said...

It was truly a fine game to watch as a Laker-hater and a Celtics fan.

I kept giggling like a which the ball and chain would are you giggling about?

My reply..the score asshole.