Sunday, June 22, 2008

pULp CuLtUrE qUiZ!

Here's a little pulp culture quiz I whipped up just for you.
1. Do not Google the answers.
2. Just try your best.
3. Answers can be left in the comments section. No copying!

1. Who is Maddie B. Aldredge?
2. What does Bethenny Frankel do for a living?
3. What color is my car and what is her nickname?
4. Who is Baby Jake and who is his Godfather?
5. What are ras el hanout and sriracha?
6. Who coined the terms "fierce" and "hot trannie mess"?
7. What does Jo Frost do to unruly children?
8. Which of my blogger pals have I ever kissed?
9. Where does Princess Sparkle Pony work?
10. Which politician can't raise his arms to comb his own hair?


Anonymous said...

1. Jaimie Lynn Spears baby girl
2 Nutritionist/healthy living guru
4. newest member of your family and James is his Godfather (Big Daddy Bath)
5. Spices
6. Christian Soriano
7. Naughty Chair
8. ??????
19.John McCain


Shelley T said...

4. Newest kitty; godfather is not-so-new kitty James
5. Sriracha is an Asian hot sauce, red in color (yum)
6. "Fierce" was Christian Siriano from Project Runway; I've heard him use "hot tranny mess" but not sure he's the one who brought it to the masses
7. She doesn't spank them
10. John McCain

That's all I've got.

karenzipdrive said...

Cris, you scored a 6.5- three of your answers were only half right.
Not bad.

kzip said...

4. James is his daddy, not his godfather.
7. She doesn't spank them but she does do something- what does she do?
Otherwise, excellent answers.

dguzman said...

1. Uh--not so famous feminist?
2. Who?
3. Uh--
4. Your newest little kitty, and DCapInNY.
5. salsa dances?
6. "fierce"--Ani DiFranco, "hot trannie mess"--Princess Sparkle Pony?
7. Shoot 'em with a BBGun?
8. Not me, dammit.
9. The National Archives.
10. McFossil.