Tuesday, June 17, 2008

People in Glass Houses...

Today, the Supreme Court will review the current ban on handgun ownership in Washington, DC.
It seems that District of Columbia residents are not allowed to own guns, in order to curtail the high crime rate.
Whitey wants us to ignore that DC is predominately black.
The Supremes have a hell of a decision to make. Should they bow to the pressure of the NRA and allow handgun ownership, or should they protect their own safety as they come and go to work in DC?
Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm all for the gun ban in DC. I think all handguns should be banned throughout America.
You want to own a gun? Fine, buy a rifle. Buy 20 rifles, I don't care.
And Chris Rock was right when he said bullets should cost $5,000 each. That sure would cut down on assholes going on shooting sprees.

Now, I'm not advocating civil disobedience, but get a load of the NRA's headquarters. Sure is a lot of glass in that building. If PETA can throw blood and paint on ladies wearing furs, why can't some gun control fans borrow their cousin Bubba's .357 and shoot out all their windows some night when the building is empty?
Try doing that with a knife.


Anonymous said...

Crime is pretty bad in some parts of DC.


Personally, I don't sense the criminal element so much. I hear about people getting mugged and stuff getting stolen--Heck, my bicycle helmet was ripped off last week from right in front of my apartment building--but my personal experience here has been largely crime free. To be sure, as long as Virginia is next door, a handgun ban in DC will be mostly useless. Just ask Sen. Jim Webb about that.


What effect lifting the handgun ban would have I can't say. I will say part of me would like to see a few more shoot outs around town. That would probably do some good toward making real estate more affordable for wanna-be yuppies like me.

Benjamin9 said...

A ban would not affect criminals, for God's sake. Look at the level of crime that exists with the ban in place. All any law does is affect the law abiding.

The pressure does not come from the NRA. We are speaking of the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms.

We still have the right to self defense in our country. Many folks, old, disabled, etc., may not be able to operate a long gun properly, but a one handed weapon could be usable.

Nah, if the cops need their peacemakers, we should have ours.

bigsis said...

I think its too late to ban handguns, there are tens of billions of them around. We need a change in our cultural attitudes toward guns. For starters our society should stop romanticizing bloody shoot-out movies and tv shows and ban them just like we do kiddie porn.

karenzipdrive said...

We lead the industrialized world in gunshot murders and injuries, and majority of them were done with hand guns.
If someone is too old or disabled to handle a long gun, then they probably can't handle a hand gun, either.
The NRA is most certainly a powerful lobby that's been driving all this weapon proliferation, or else people would consider the right to own rifles sufficient to cover their second amendment rights.
I bet Sigmund Freud would have plenty to say about people who are obsessed with owning handguns.
As for criminals owning so many of them, how many do you suppose were stolen in home burglaries?
Most, I'd venture to guess.

Dusty said...

I own a handgun and have my entire adult life. I don't see wtf that has to do with anything.

Its about the proliferation of guns isn't it? And those automatic and semiautomatic ones.

Who the hell needs to spray 100 bullets a minute?

Australia has a decent gun law..and crime committed with guns has gone down.

DC is a shithole in most places. Its like Hollywood..stumble off the beaten path and your ass is in trouble. The gentrification of many of the 'hoods' has only served to stack the poor folks in even deeper.

There are lots of reasons why DC sucks..but blaming guns is down the list for moi.