Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

I was conceived on the 4th of July!
Mama told me she and dad were on the beach in Baja California drinking screwdrivers, and I guess the fireworks inspired them.
This year I plan to drive up to my brother's house, a sweet little 2 story cabin he built with his own hands, right on Lake Travis.
We'll be meeting up with Big Sis and her partner My Sharona to go boating, then Big Bro is going to grill up six racks of babybacks and roast some corn of the cob, with all the other fixins' that go with it.
I'm in charge of munitions.
None of those pissy sparklers and Black Cats for us, I'm planning on buying an arsenal of weapons-grade Big Girl explosives one can see from miles away.
It finally rained yesterday--a huge downpour that dampened the straw which is my front lawn. Now at least I can leave town without fearing the hoodlum neighbors will catch my house on fire.
Still, I think it's a lot safer to set off fireworks over the lake. It's hard to catch a lake on fire, unless of course you're in Jersey or somewhere like that.
There's a complete fireworks ban in my county because of recent drought conditions. I asked Big Bro if his county had such an ordinance and he said, "The only law here is, 'don't catch the woods on fire.'"
I hope your 4th of July goes well.
I know mine will.


Karen Zipdrive said...

We have FINALLY broken the 200 mark on days remaining in Bush's dictatorship.
Today marks 199 more days left for him to catch bin Laden, bring gas prices down, handle global warming, bring about a middle east peace treaty, provide universal health insurance and...
never mind.

Dusty said...

Have fun KZ..and yes I noticed it too..lets hope he doesn't attack Iran in what little time that fuckwit has left.

FranIAm said...

As usual, Dusty has nothing but words of wisdom for you and for all.

Have a great time - KABOOM - dear Karen!

mj said...

Have fun blowing stuff up! (well, duh, how can one not?) Be safe.

karenzipdrive said...

Oh, I have many stories to tell...coming soon.