Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ruh Ro

The weather is very odd today here in South Texas.
It's warm and windy, with odd shadows and air density that signals trouble.
Meanwhile, the street in front of my house is completely torn up because they are installing new water pipes. My car is literally stranded in the driveway, covered in several days' worth of thick white grit and dust.
The water is turned off for the next several hours. I want to shower, but I can't.
But tomorrow, the skies will likely open up and drench the region. Hurricane Dolly is popping in for a visit to lower South Texas and the TV weather people are chattering like excited crows in anticipation of a change from their daily mantra: "hot and humid."
It's hurricane season.
We should be used to it by now, but after Katrina we know that weather patterns are disturbed and hurricanes can be more lethal than ever before.
We are bracing ourselves for the onslaught of evacuees from the South. The whole bottom of Texas is in the path of the hurricane, and San Antonio is the closest big city inland.
Bottled water, toilet paper and other essentials will start disappearing from grocery store shelves.
We know we can no longer depend on FEMA or the National Guard to help our neighbors to the South--Bush has seen to that.
This hurricane is named Dolly.
I think of Dolly Parton, and she's such a sweet lady.
No, this hurricane should be named George W. Bush-- unpredictable, violent, destructive, godless, nightmarish.
Like Bush, this hurricane won't care whose lives it destroys.

Pray for everyone's safety, please.


Dusty said...

Christ, I hope it does no harm to humans. I have never been in a hurricane, so they really scare the shit out of me. Tornados do too..but earthquakes are nothing to me seeing as how I have been through some of Cali's worst.

bigsis said...

Exactly Zip, if anything bad happens as a result of bad weather, we're on our own. Unless the feds can be convinced there's a Homeland Security risk of course. But Fema's too busy figuring out ways to hoard the $$ before georgebush leaves office.

karenzipdrive said...

Oh, I'm sure Bush has told FEMA, "Lissen, they didn't appreciate all our efforts after Katrina, so next time a storm hits, we'll show them what life is like without FEMA."

karenzipdrive said...

6:30 pm weds.
Rain, rain, rain in San Antonio. We needed it.
Rain all day tomorrow, too.

Lulu Maude said...

It's raining in VT, too. It's been soggy for days. Is Dolly otherwise leaving you peaceful?

Thinking of you.

karenzipdrive said...

Yeah, Dolly has been demoted to a tropical storm so she's just doing a little bit of ravaging.
We are expected to have rain all day. YAY!

dguzman said...

I saw where the max wind gusts in my old hometown of Harlingen were only about 74mph. Pshaw! That's just a li'l ol' thundahstorm, ya'll!

Seriously--hope everything's okay down there. I'm kinda glad the 'rents moved to San Antone.

karenzipdrive said...

We're having some baby tornadoes here in San Antonio this Thursday afternoon, but so far so good.
The rain has been pretty damned welcome, though.

Distributorcap said...

how did everything turn out by you?

karenzipdrive said...

Great- just a green, green lawn.