Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama in Germany
Ich liebe dich!

Look at the size of that crowd!
Barack Obama's speech in Germany today was as close to perfection as a speech can get.
Imagine a crowd of more than 200,000 Germans, waving American flags and listening raptly to an American political hopeful.
Oh, it's good to feel liked again.
Oh, I'm so pleased that Obama has the sense to know that someone has to clean up the global messes that fucking imbecile George W. Bush and his ham-handed administration have made.
Oh, it was good to see a smiling Angela Merkel standing next to Obama instead of a cringing Angela Merkel trying to get that oafish Bush to stop massaging her shoulders.
Yeah, I have done my share of doubting Obama's bona fides and fretting about his electability, but if this is how he plans to represent us on the global front, I am impressed.
If this is how he comports himself on the global stage, I am impressed.
He's smart.
He's humble.
He's inspirational.

And McCain?

Yeah, well.


bigsis said...

I can't wait to see if the French can top the Germans in turning out for O.

I've gotten 4 calls in the last hour from some of my black friends and they're all teared up and so proud of O, and they're just fine with the black Obama dolls the Germans have been selling.

Yes, its good to feel liked again. If this keeps up maybe next year you'll even agree to go see your little buddy in Paris, eh Zip?

FranIAm said...

You know, with McCain being as screwed up as he is and he is very fuckily screwed up, Obama might come through.

Maybe - and I do say maybe, he will become the leader that everyone clearly wants him to be.

Not for nothing, but the way that he was received by the soliders... I am sure part of it is propaganda, but let's not forget that the MSM and big networks do the bidding of the devil and not the democrats.

And this scene in Germany. The guy might get some chops.

We have to hope so.

McCain may be sorry he was so "oh-you-don't-go-nowhere-and-know-nuthin"

Karen Zipdrive said...

The U.S. troops in Iraq loved Obama.
The Germans even sold a huge mess of little Obama baby dolls.
McCain really shot himself in the foot by goading Obama into taking his show on the international road.
McCain needs to start calculating his risks a little better.
heh heh heh.

Dusty said...

Comparing the Big O to Weathervane McCain is like comparing a fine Chardonnay to a bottle of Ripple.

Or..The Cullinan to a Cubic Zirconium.

Distributorcap said...

you mean talking to three people who cant afford gas in the cheese aisle of the stop n shop in ohio wasnt as dramatic as berlin

joe scarborough thought it was

karenzipdrive said...

People think Scarborough is suddently okay because he's not so much of a prick during his morning show.
But a prick's a prick.

bigsis said...

One morning Joe said his new new girlfriend is Hillary Clinton because she's so brave and relentless. He sounded very genuine about it, so I decided to cut him some slack for a while.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Cut him no more slack. Just because he's one of the less hateful GOP gasbags, he's still a prick and will always be a prick.